Summer Camp at EnthuZiastic

Summer and Endless Possibilities at EnthuZiastic With the onset of summer, we all have our plans awaiting. The last year was different though. We were braving a pandemic. Vaccines rolled out and we are again brimming with hope and strength. We Shall Overcome! EnthuZiastic has its own way to offer engagement, hope, and respite. We… Continue reading Summer Camp at EnthuZiastic

Birthdays & mindfulness: EnthuZiastic Daily Sunshine

Happy Birthday Everyday! We count our stay here on the Earth in terms of Birthdays. Ironically, the birthday sums up the whole year or promise another complete year at your hand. This sometimes haunts you with apprehension and anxiety; and at others, regret for not living up to the fullest. You keep lamenting over the… Continue reading Birthdays & mindfulness: EnthuZiastic Daily Sunshine