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EnthuZiastic is where family and friends come together to share what they love, and to find new things to learn!

It’s an e-learning community with the aim – Meet, Teach, Learn, Earn, and Celebrate. EnthuZiastic primarily focuses on bridging the gap between learners and teachers. Learners get instructor-led live sessions so that they can clear their doubts at the immediate moment and improve their skills.

Learn new things, acquire new skills, and follow your passion at enthu.com. The teachers can showcase their skills and monetize their talent.

How Are We Making a Difference in Education Space?

As an educator, we believe in providing quality learning experience. For us, the learner comes first. Our courses are fully customizable, and our teachers are trained to adapt to the learner’s pace.

1. Personalized Learning

EnthuZiastic platform offers personalized learning where you can customize the sessions as per your schedule. You get to choose your own learning path and learn at your pace. Bring your favorite book or reference material and our teachers will use that. Own your learning goals here. EnthuZiastic teachers will make sure your learning is aligned to your goal.

2. Expert Teachers

EnthuZiastic prioritize delivering quality learning. Learn under the guidance of top-rated teachers and professionals selected after a rigorous process. All of them posses great expertise and experience in their fields. We use guides with creative learning techniques and friendly approach to make learning easier for you.

3. Extraordinary Support

As a learner, you get complete assistance from our compassionate team. As you join, a dedicated student success manager is assigned to you who will make sure your learning goals are always aligned with the teacher.

Our SSMs will help you in your learning journey throughout, whether it is rescheduling sessions, requesting a course, or any particular requirement.

You will be able to reach out to your designated SSM on EnthuZiastic app.

Courses at EnthuZiastic

At EnthuZiastic, you can learn any skill you wish. 1000+ learners are learning everything from hand embroidery to foreign languages, from hobbies like singing, dancing to playing instruments like piano and guitar.

Who Can Learn at EnthuZiastic?

  • Primary school kids who want to work on phonics, reading, and other academic subjects
  • Middle schoolers looking for academic tuitions
  • High schoolers who need help preparing for college admission, or current academic subjects
  • Students who wish to prepare for competitive exams
  • Aspiring young professionals wishing to upskill for a better job or promotion
  • Fitness enthusiasts who want to start their fitness journey and improve their physical and mental health
  • Kids and adults willing to pursue their long-lost hobby or develop a new one
  • Elderlies who want to upgrade themselves to the changing technical world by learning basics of computers, excel, PowerPoint, video conferencing, and more

EnthuZiastic delivers a range of courses; you name it, we have it! We are here for the curious learner in you.

Build your favorite skill with Amazon of courses – EnthuZiastic.

Community Celebrations

EnthuZiastic, as a community, believes in celebrating all cultures. Understanding and respecting diverse cultures gives an opportunity to consider individuality.

The celebrations are an occasion to meet people from various cultural backgrounds where you exchange thoughts and understand the community. Cultural acceptance helps us to grow as a person.

Cross cultural concept as education has become essential to recognize the community struggles. Thus, EnthuZiastic focuses on cross-cultural richness to bridge the gaps.

With this motive, we arrange several events and camps for kids as well as parents, to celebrate different cultures.

Work Culture at EnthuZiastic

EnthuZiastic has a very friendly, open work culture. We are like one happy family. As a family, we provide healthy space for learning and celebrations.

Here we do Enthu Happy Hour Session every now and then, where we leave the work behind, enjoy that one hour with each other, and participate in different activities, games and quizzes.

work culture at enthuziastic

work life at enthuziastic

Enthu is a perfect place to choose a job you love, share your knowledge, and grow together.

EnthuZiastic vs Other Platforms

EnthuZiastic has imbibed certain values that will always set us apart from our competitors. EnthuZiastic welcomes people from all ages, all places, and all communities to come together and add value to each other.

1. EnthuZiastic Clubs

Enthu Clubs are virtual space where like-minded people can hang out and upgrade their skills for no cost. These clubs are moderated by our expert teachers. Few of our most loved clubs are – Chess, Music, Coding, UASCO, Math, Science.

Our learners automatically become part of the club corresponding to the course they have enrolled in. You will not get this additional learning and growth benefit anywhere else.

2. Enthu Talks

Enthu Talks is EnthuZiastic’s talk show initiated by our co-founder Vinti Maheshwari.

This talk show is to provide a platform for the extraordinary stories of ordinary lives.

3. EnthuZiastic Newsletter

EnthuZiastic Newsletter is a monthly newsletter to highlight monthly happenings like the events, new courses, shout out to the employees for their achievements, new developments, introduce environment-friendly innovation, and much more.

If you want to know what’s happening in the Enthu world, you gotta keep up with the EnthuZiastic Newsletter.

4. Enthu Helping Hands

EnthuZiastic Helping Hands is a charitable initiative to help the poor and needy.

As a community, we believe in,

“Don’t give it to get.

Give to inspire others to give!”

We contribute funds, which are used to buy essential items for the unfortunate. On several occasions, our young members have organized different events, such as workshops or garage sales to contribute financially.

Even though Enthu Helping Hands works on a small scale, we are proud of it. We believe, a change is a change, no matter how small it is. If you also want to contribute, please join us.

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Wrapping Up

EnthuZiastic is a team of like-minded who have come together to form a global community. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer to the world.

It can be an old hobby you always wanted to pursue, childhood games, or anything. It’s your chance to rediscover your passion.

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