10 Bedtime Affirmations to Help You Sleep Better

affirmations before bed

Sleeping is an activity as fundamental as breathing for us. Everybody needs a good night’s sleep to function healthily and happily. But unfortunately, it’s still a luxury for some of us who fail to achieve. 

Look around; even the internet is full of memes depicting mass insomnia.

Having sleep troubles is also a form of insomnia.  

When I was still a young girl, my mother complained about her sleeping problems. Sometimes, she couldn’t fall asleep, and sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night restless and tired. 

I wondered how one could have trouble sleeping! Isn’t it the easiest job of all?

Now that I am a millennial grownup with internet and screen privileges, sleeping problems reached me as easily as snow touching the ground. 

affirmations before bed

However, unlike my mom, I have decided to fight my lack of sleep differently. 

I participated in yoga workshops, attended therapy sessions, and read tons of self-help books. 

In my experiences, I found one thing common–positive affirmations

From a Buddhist monk to a holistic psychologist, everyone suggests bedtime affirmations before bed to have a better night’s sleep and live a healthier life

What are Affirmations?

Imagine closing your eyes before bedtime, taking a couple of deep breathes, and reminding yourself that you’re living a good life. 

I have everything I need. 

I am grateful for having my family, partner, friends, and pets by my side. 

I am peaceful. I am calm. 

I did my best today. 

Affirmations are phrases, mantras, or positive statements that we tell ourselves to practice positive thinking. 

In other words, affirmations are a method of affirming yourself about the bright side of your life. 

Moreover, in popular culture’s terminology, it’s a way of expressing self-love. Also, it means empowering yourself with positive thinking by influencing your mindset.  

Are Affirmations Helpful?

affirmations before bed

Yes, affirmations are helpful. 

According to studies, self-affirming sentences help the brain process self-related negative thoughts and issues, eventually affecting the future orientation with positivity. 

However, there’s a catch. 

It will require daily practice to acquire a strong sense of calmness, peace, and contentment. Practicing this technique influences the mind and body, allowing a positive state of mind. 

Besides bringing a positive change, affirmations also help to give up unwanted habits and tendencies.

We all have faced trauma in some or the other ways in our life. On top of that, most of us picked unhealthy coping mechanisms to survive.

In short, affirmations help generate positive thoughts.

Affirmations help us to reach out to our inner selves (subconscious) and then tell them that, yes, you can fix yourself. You can do it. 

Be it sleeping better or forgetting your ex; you can not only influence your thoughts but also change your thought patterns with the right affirmations. 

Just remember that your affirmations need to be in the present tense because you’re dealing with your present self.

I have done it; you can do it too. I am sharing with you the 10 affirmations before bed that helped me get past my sleepless nights. 

10 Bedtime Affirmations that Helped me Sleep

Before I jump into positive affirmations before bed, let me tell you some healthy sleep habits.  

(I call them healthy sleep habits  because these habits helped me achieve a good sleep cycle.)

Complete your chores. It can be work-related or household chores. It doesn’t matter!

Get done with any kind of chore before going to bed. 

Once you are there in the bedroom, lie down or sit in a comfortable position. 

Don’t forget to keep your laptop/mobile/book/kindle aside. Don’t check messages or emails. Remember, you have had a long day. 

Your mind should be free and ready to rest. 

If you’re still having racing thoughts, it’s okay. Let them be.  

Breathe deeply and say the following sleep affirmations. 

You can say them aloud or in your mind; it’s your choice. 

1. I am Calm. I am Peaceful.

This is my primary affirmation. Why?

It helps me say goodbye to my day’s stress. You may be a homemaker or a NASA scientist; everybody goes through their share of day-to-day stress. 

Sometimes, our activities and loud conversations linger in our subconscious mind, even at nighttime. 

For instance, I kept dreaming about my daily activities so much that most days, I couldn’t tell if I was awake or asleep. It was as if I was daydreaming. 

Every day when I say I am calm after exhaling a deep breath, I feel I am letting my troubles out of my head. 

I feel free.

It begin to feel peaceful in my head, and I believe it.

In short, I feel no amount of stress, trauma, or pressure can touch me while I am sleeping. 

Positive energy enters my mind and body. 

I am safe, at last. 

You can try the same affirmation as your primary one. Trust me; it’s a great way to begin positive sleep affirmations.

2. I am Grateful for Living a Good Life. 

It’s okay to remind yourself that you are one of the lucky ones. You’re living a good life, and that’s something that only lucky people get to experience. 

I say this every day, and it helps me to love my life a little more than before. 

3. I am Grateful for Having a Loving Partner and Supporting Friends and Family.

affirmations before bed

Every relationship comes with its share of conflicts. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth being grateful for. It certainly is! 

I tell myself this affirmation to remind myself that even if there are things I can’t change about myself, I still have several things to be happy about. 

Each day I thank god for sending these people into my life. 

If you have a special furry friend living with you, you can also add them to this affirmation. 

4. I am Thankful for a Healthy Body and Mind. 

How many of us feel thankful for being healthy? Raise your hand.  Not many of us, I guess. 

Certainly, I never thought like that. But it’s indeed a great luxury on Earth to have working limbs and a functioning mind. 

Say this affirmation aloud to express gratitude.

5. Today was a Good Day. I did My Best. I am Proud of Myself.

Once you tell yourself the things you’re thankful for, it’s time to appreciate your own efforts. 

Sometimes, things don’t go the way you wish for them too. But, hey, it’s okay. 

Use this affirmation to acknowledge the inner child in you. Appreciate yourself.

6. I am in My Safe Space. My Mind and Body are Ready to Rest. 

Now, remind yourself that you’re in your safe place.

Sometimes, even though we are physically at home mentally, we are somewhere else. It can be your chaotic office or the noisy living room.  

Bring yourself back to your safe space. Be in the present moment. Remind yourself that you’re about to sleep. You are ready to sleep. 

Assuring yourself that you’re safe can impact your sleep quality dramatically. Try it.

affirmations before bed

7. Tomorrow is Another Day.

I took this affirmation from the book Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. During the sad ending of the book, the protagonist says, “Tomorrow is another day.”

I believe that is all we need to know. 

Tomorrow is another day, and you’re gonna have another chance to be your best self. No matter what happened today, you still have a chance the next day. 

8. I Choose Rest and Relaxation Over Stress. 

Life’s all about choice. Tell yourself this night affirmation every day and remind yourself that it’s your choice to sleep. You control your mind and body. 

Today, you choose to sleep and rest and relax. 

9. I Deserve a Good Night’s Rest.

Most of us don’t achieve new goals (even the self-care ones) because, subconsciously, we don’t believe we deserve good things. 

So, it’s always a healthy practice to remind yourself that, yes, you deserve to sleep peacefully and relax. 

10. I am Sleepy. I am Falling Asleep. 

Don’t concentrate on the part where you face trouble sleeping. 

Close your eyes and affirm that you’re falling asleep. Breathe till you fall asleep. 

The 10 affirmations worked magically for me. I began them as a New year’s resolution. 

And, even though it’s still February, with a few changes in my nighttime routine, I can already see remarkable changes in my sleep cycle. I am sleeping in time and getting up after a long, peaceful sleep. 

affirmations before bed

Dear reader, give it a try for a week. I am sure it’s going to impact your sleep; as a result, your wellness and mental health. 

To make the most out of this habit, try visualization and journaling. All the best!

Remember, sleep is the best meditation. 


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