How to Store Electric Guitar? Tips to Care For Your Guitar

how to store electric guitar

No matter how experienced a guitar player you may be, you need to take time and learn how to store your guitar correctly.

Keeping your electric guitar in the best shape will save you a lot of time and effort in the long haul. Plus, it will extend your guitar’s life.

In this sense, it is imperative even if you don’t play your guitar very often, and it spends a whole lot of time in its storage.

Maintaining the brilliance of your instrument is probably the most challenging learning experience that many musicians take lightly or ignore.

The good news is that they are built to last; your job is to make sure you keep them that way. So here are fundamental tips to help you store your electric guitar properly.

6 Tips to Store Electric Guitar

1. Get Yourself a Quality Case

guitar case to Store Electric Guitar

A guitar case is the best choice to keep your electric guitar safe from all things.

If you keep your guitar anywhere else just outside, it can take damage from tripping over, knocks, or even environmental damage.

There are two different types of cases you can invest in – a soft bag and a hard case.

If you store your electric guitar in a soft gig bag, it will keep dust off your guitar, but your guitar is still susceptible to knocks or damage.

Especially if you are a traveler and gig around places, a soft bag should not be your choice.

A hard case gives your guitar the maximum protection; while it is not that necessary for acoustic guitars to have a hard chance, your electric guitar is well off in a hard case.

They are reasonably effective at slowing down abrupt changes in temperature and humidity.

2. Clean the Strings and Fretboard Before You Put it Back in the Case

Oils, dust, sweat, and skin from the fingers start building up on your electric guitar over time.

It is good to clean your strings, frets, and fretboard with a cotton rag.

Remove all the dirt and grime that comes loose and go over the fingerboard with an old toothbrush.

This is a bit of general advice that works for both acoustic and electric guitars.

To keep your guitar in its glory, it is important to regularly use a cleaning solution and polisher to shine and enhance the guitar’s features.

A good idea would be to do this twice a week.

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3. Keep Your Guitar Away from Extreme Temperatures and Humidity

Be it acoustic guitars or electric guitars, sudden temperature changes can expand or contract the wood and other parts, it results in unpleasant outcomes.

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause the finish on your guitar to fade away, making it look less appealing.

What’s more, a dip in the temperature can cause adverse effects on the alignment of your guitar neck. It will sometimes require you to do some tinkering with the truss rod to correct the alignment.

Also, the moisture in the air can cause the wood some damage, so you must pay attention to the humidity level.

4. Pay Attention to the Guitar Strings

guitar strings

Check for tension in the strings before putting it back in its case.

Since you play or practice the guitar, your strings will eventually lose tension which will ultimately affect the neck of your guitar.

If your guitar strings are getting old, you should consider changing them because they won’t maintain string tension or tune.

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Make sure you tune your guitar before and after your play, but when storing it back in the case, loosen the strings one or two half steps.

They don’t have to be in tension regularly when in storage, but not so much that the neck faces a bowing issue.

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5. Mind the Dust

You must keep your guitar away from dust, even while in your store. Dust can damage the appearance and alter the sound of the instrument. It can scratch the guitar’s surface while also accumulating in every nook and cranny of the instrument.

This can, in turn, mess up the resonation and intonation of your instrument.

Keep your guitar dust-free by wiping the instrument down with a dry cloth before placing it back in your case.

Keep an eye out around the pickups, which typically lead to poor tone and crackling, corrosion, and rust around electric guitars.

6. Detach all the Vibrato Equipment

If your guitar is equipped with vibrato, detach them before keeping them in its case.  There are some vibrato equipment that you can fold and reset below the top of the bridge.

Tips to Keep your Guitar in Good Condition

  • Clean your hands every time before you play your guitar
  • Remove your guitar strap after playing
  • Clean your strings after you play
  • Clean the fretboard
  • Invest in a good guitar case


Is it OK to leave the guitar out of its case?

It is perfectly OK to leave it out, but it is suggested that you keep it in your case or designated storage to keep it away from dust, temperature damage, or hits and dings.

Can I clean my guitar with regular household cleaners, or do I need special equipment?

You should keep your guitar away from heavy waxes, silicones, or thinners generally found in household products.

The only household product that is relatively good to use would be white distilled vinegar.

But we would suggest that you invest in guitar cleaning and polish products because using household products is a bad idea.

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These tips were coherent to electric guitar, but it is not like different types of guitars need different types of maintenance routines.

The basic principles stand true to every form of guitar;

  • Keep it in a clean environment
  • Wipe and clean the guitar as often as you can
  • Don’t keep it upright without the stand or in direct contact with exposed concrete
  • Keep it away from direct sunlight
  • Keep it in a case

These are the absolute essential guitar care tips you will need for every kind of guitar out there. Whatever brand of guitar you own—Fender or Gibson—you must take care of it according to the rules listed above.

Even guitar legends like Slash, B.B.King, and Joe Satriani, who are at the top of their careers, follow these basic principles to care for their electric guitars.

So it is safe to say that you are in the good company of legendary rockstars who treat their guitar as their limbs.

It should be like that because, after all, you will rock out on it and keep it healthy for a long period of time.

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