How Much Does an AP Exam Cost?

how much does an ap exam cost

Now that you have decided to take AP test, let me tell you how much does an AP exam cost.

In 2022-23, fees is about $97. But, this may vary depending on various factors.

Let’s go through the pricing structure and payment options you have when taking the AP exam.

What is the Cost of an AP Exam?

First and foremost, you must verify the most recent pricing information if you plan to take an AP test.

You will see several websites with costs ranging from $90 to $97.

Well, the thing is that every year, the price of the AP exam increases by $1 to $2. It’s evident that Inflation hasn’t spared AP exams either.

Description Cost per Exam
Regular AP Exam taken in the U.S., U.S. territories, Canada, and DoDEA schools $97
Regular AP Exam taken outside the U.S. $127
AP Seminar or AP Research Exam taken anywhere $145
Late order fee (November 16, 2022 – March 15, 2023) $40 per exam in addition to the exam fee
Unused/canceled exam fee $40 per exam
College Board providing AP score to university $15 per score report or $25 for rapid delivery upon non-specification
School Rebate $9 per exam
College Board Rebate $35 per exam

1. Cost of regular AP Exam in U.S.

As of November 17, 2022, the cost of the regular AP subject is $97. Those from the following countries are subject to the AP test fee levied by the College Board:

  • The United States
  • The U.S. territories
  • Canada
  • DoDEA schools

2. Cost of regular AP exam outside the U.S.

However, the sad news is that you need to pay an additional amount if your school doesn’t lie in the regions mentioned above. Each AP exam costs about $127 for countries outside USA.

3. Cost of Advanced Placement capstone

The Advanced Placement Capstone, a 2-year long course that consists of the AP Seminar and AP Research exam, costs $145.

4. Cost of missing AP test

Makeup exams cost $45 in addition to the regular exam fee if you need to retake them because of an absence.

How to waive the fee?

If your test date clashes with another AP test, you can get a fee waiver though.

For example, there are many more situations where you can miss your exam beyond your control. Thus, in such cases you do not warrant a makeup fee being assessed.

Illness or injury, religious observance, weather-related or natural disaster-related school closure, death in the family, or conflicts with required government tests all fall under this category.

You should consult with your instructor or the AP Coordinator to ensure that you are not penalized for an unavoidable absence from the test.

5. Cost of Late Registration

If you order late, there is a $40 late fee for each test you sit for. When ordering exams for full-year or first-semester courses between November 16 and March 15, a late order fee is charged in addition to the regular exam cost.

6. Costs for sending AP scores to Universities

You still have to pay for your AP exams after the test has ended. There can be an additional cost to send your AP results to universities. To avoid that, mark the schools you want to send your results to on your response sheet.

Remember, you will be charged $15 per score report or $25 for rapid delivery if you do not specify a school or want to send your score to several institutions.

7. Cost of Cancelled or unused AP exam

If you decide not to take a test after the November ordering deadline, you need to pay $40 instead of the full exam price. Any canceled or rescheduled test, even if requested for a student eligible for a College Board fee waiver, will incur a $40 cost.

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How to Receive Fee Reduction for Advanced Placement

Exam costs for Advanced Placement courses may add up quickly, especially for students planning to take numerous exams. Students from low-income households and significant financial need are eligible for fee reductions for taking the AP exams.

Students who show financial hardship are eligible for a $31 ap exam fee waiver from CollegeBoard. However, the school will not refund its $9 charge when a student obtains an ap exam fee waiver. Thus the net cost to the student will be $53.

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Price for AP Exam: Is it Justified?

The AP tests might seem too high-priced. Well, let us clear the air around this.

  • The fees include Examiner compensation, printing and shipping test kits throughout the globe, scoring and grading your AP answer sheets, and other expenses.
  • Although $97 may seem a lot, it’s considerably cheaper than taking a single college course. Each course at a public university will set you back around $1300, whereas a similar course at a private university would cost you about $3000.
  • Students who get a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP test may start their college careers with college credit, graduate early, and save a ton of money. The $96 price tag for AP examinations is reasonable considering all they include.

How to Pay for an AP Exam?

The fee for AP test registration can be paid in two ways.

1. Pay via AP Coordinator

Consult your AP coordinator directly, who will instruct you on paying your fees. This is beneficial when you appear for exams that are not available in your school.

2. Pay via School

You can pay your tuition on the school’s website. TotalRegistration and SchoolPay are only two of the many third-party payment suppliers schools work with to collect test fees. 

Remember that the deadline for payment varies forms school to school. Hence, check with your school’s AP coordinator to determine how fees are collected and the deadlines for AP tests.

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Can I get a refund for the AP exam?

You will get a partial refund once your institution and the College Board have deducted the cost of any unused exam kits and the fees associated with setting up test centers.

Are AP exam fees tax deductible?

The IRS has ruled that AP fees cannot be deducted since they are not considered tuition expenditures.

How much do you think the AP exams are worth?

An AP test is a far more affordable option than the college course it represents. Students can save money on their college educations by earning college credit via Advanced Placement test participation.

Is there any fee for hiding AP scores?

You might hide some of your AP exam results from colleges and institutions if you performed better on some tests than others. You may request the removal of your AP test score at no cost, but once it has been removed, you will no longer have access to it in any format.

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The cost of an AP exam though looks high is worth it. It boosts GPA, gives you college credit, helps in college admissions.

Institutions in the United States generally, though not universally, value good AP test results.

So, dear reader, do not fuss about the cost. It’s an investment for the future. A bright future.

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