An Honest Review of Rosetta Stone Hindi Classes 

rosetta stone hindi review

When it comes to learning Hindi online, Rosetta Stone Hindi classes are one of the big names. You will see their ads almost every time you Google Hindi-speaking courses. You may also come across many Americans & Europeans who learned Hindi from Rosetta Stone.

If you’re also looking for Hindi classes and wondering if Rosetta Stone Hindi classes are the right option, you’ve come to the right place.

Rosetta Stone Hindi Classes: An Honest Review

Notable Features

This Hindi learning course comes in a physical CD box set version with three optional packages: level 1, 1/2, and 3 levels.

Cost of Rosetta Stone Hindi Classes

  1. Level 1 costs $179.
  2. Levels 1/2 combo costs $299.
  3. Level 3 costs $259.

However, if you decide to opt for ONLINE resources (no physical material), you get the discounted price. You can buy it for $259 for a 12-month subscription.

The recent version features online lessons, mobile apps, and a learners’ community.

The Rosetta Stone Hindi Course Review

Level 1

It uses the traditional image recall technique to introduce basic Hindi words like Namaskar, Shukriya, etc. It prepares the learner for basic conversation in Hindi through culturally specific pictures.

The goal is to associate the pictures with the correct words so that they can recall the words easily when they’re shown the pictures once again.

It further covers greetings and introductions, shopping, and words and phrases from day-to-day life, followed by simple questions and answers.

Level 2

This level is more inclusive than the previous one. It tries to make you capable of walking down the streets in India without getting lost.

It teaches the learner to communicate with people around them. You will learn how to ask or tell directions and how to buy food, clothing, or any other items. In short, level 2 is all about learning social interactions.

Level 3

Level 3 is more advanced than the previous levels, as expected. It delves into the development of the Hindi language and basic Hindi reading. Most importantly, it helps you learn how to share stories of your experiences and express opinions and ideas.

Not to forget, each level comprises both speaking and writing lessons.

After completing level 3,  the learner is expected to read and write accurately. They are expected to speak Hindi, read Hindi script, and understand native speakers without any help.

As per the Rosetta Stone website, learners are also capable of sharing ideas and opinions and expressing feelings.

Overall, my Rosetta Stone Hindi class review is that they focus on teaching conversational Hindi without concentrating on Hindi grammar or sentence structures.


1. Uses Image Recall Technique to Teach Words

Non-native speakers find it very hard to articulate Hindi words. On top of that, remembering multi-syllable Hindi words is almost impossible for most beginners.

In such cases, Rosetta Hindi classes are useful. They use images to teach words. Learners relate images with a particular set of words, making them easier to remember. In short, they use photographic memory techniques to increase vocabulary.

2. Teaches Casual Hindi Phrases and Greetings


This Hindi course helps a learner with basic Hindi phrases from day-to-day life. It focuses on teaching greetings and necessary Hindi phrases for casual conversations in India.

It will equip you to order food, bargain with a vendor, ask for directions, etc. In short, this course will make you street-ready.

Check out EnthuZiastic Hindi Classes for fun, interactive learning experience.


1. Doesn’t Focus on Hindi Grammar

If English was a north pole, then Hindi would be the south pole. Hindi is completely different from English and other European or Asian languages. Therefore, it’s important to understand basic Hindi grammar to learn it properly.

For starters, the sentence structure in English is subject + verb + object, and the Hindi sentence structure is subject + object + verb.

This course introduces Hindi grammar but doesn’t focus on it. It needs to go into more detail to provide a strong grammatical foundation to Hindi beginners. Not even the basic concepts like nouns and pronouns.

2. Doesn’t Deal with Complex Sentences

This course keeps training learners with only the basic Hindi sentences for casual conversations, but what if a Rosetta Stone Hindi learner faces a difficult situation?

The biggest limitation of this course is that it deliberately avoids complex Hindi sentences, which may come up quite often while speaking. Even if somebody is learning Hindi only for traveling purposes, they must be able to frame and speak complex sentences.

3. Doesn’t Train to Read Properly

hindi word story

From reading billboards to newspapers, one needs to read a language for various reasons. If you visit India, you will realize many use Hindi (Devanagari) script to carry out various activities even though English is their official language.

Given that Hindi reading skills are utterly important, this course doesn’t train its learners properly. If you take this course, you will see that they use the Devanagari script to teach words, but they don’t teach how to read Hindi. As a result, non-native speakers struggle with reading and speaking with the correct pronunciation.

4. Doesn’t Teach How to Write Hindi

Not all Hindi learners are travelers or visitors. Some learn Hindi to be literate in this language. For those people, I never recommend language learning from Rosetta Stone.

You will never understand the minute details of merging alphabets or how to use matras while writing if you learn writing Hindi from Rosetta Stone.

5. Expensive

In the Rosetta Stone course, learning Hindi Level 1 costs $179, Level 1/2 combo costs $299, and Level 3 costs $259.

These courses are too costlier than other Hindi learning courses online. In this price range, you’ll find native teachers to take one on one, personalized classes.

Why waste money learning from AIs when you can learn Hindi from native speakers?


Is Rosetta Stone good for Hindi?

Yes or no. Rosetta Stone, Hindi language courses are good for learning the basics of Hindi but not recommended for learning to read and write.

Which website is the best for learning Hindi?

EnthuZiastic is the best website for learning Hindi. It provides native speakers as tutors who offer personalized, 1:1, and group classes to learners. The learner receives relevant materials on every level.

What is the fastest way to learn Hindi?

The fastest way to learn Hindi is to watch Bollywood movies and listen to Hindi songs. However, the proper way to learn Hindi is by taking Hindi learning classes. Try to join a group/club to keep practicing what you’re learning.

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Conclusion: Should I Take Rosetta Stone Hindi Classes?

The answer is YES or NO. If you aim to learn only the basic conversational phrases and words and have no money constraints, I suggest you go ahead with this course.

However, if you’re someone who aims to read and write after learning Hindi, I don’t recommend the Rosetta Stone Hindi classes. I suggest you hire a native speaker and go for one-on-one classes. The tutor will focus on what you want to learn and teach you to read and write without any help.

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