Chess News And Other Updates | January 2023

chess news jan 2023

January means hope and the beginning of something new and glorious. And glorious it was for the chess world.

From GM Giri winning the 2023 Tata Steel Chess Tournament to Nakamura winning another Tuesday, January brought exciting news for chess EnthuZiasts.

But that’s not all; a lot more happened in January, and today I am here to talk about it. So, buckle up your seatbelts because you’re in for a ride. 

Tata Steel Chess Tournament And Its Winner 

2023 marked the start of the Tata Steel Chess Tournament, commonly known as the Wimbledon of Chess.

And can you guess who won it? No, it’s not GM Magnus Carlsen!

It’s… drumroll please… GM Anish Giri from the Netherlands!

GM Giri defeated Richard Rapport by 8.5/13 points and leaped in front of Nodirbek Abdusatorov. This victory marks the first of GM Giri in the super tournament after finishing runner-up five times before.

GM Nakamura Wins another Tuesday 

GM Hikaru Nakamura is one of the strongest grandmasters, and there’s no doubt about it.

But if one still had an ounce of doubt about GM Nakamura’s competency, then this news will clear their uncertainty.

GM Nakamura won another Titled Tuesday on January 24th, making it his 33rd win. And guess who his opponent was?

None other than GM Magnus Carlsen!

Nakamura made a 1.a3 and 2.c4 to beat GM Carlsen and win the title. 2023 will witness more of the Nakamura-Carlsen face-off, and you can be prepared to be thrilled every time.

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Twitter Got Hacked? 

Okay, it isn’t directly related to the game, but it is a show we all enjoyed as chess lovers- Queen’s Gambit.

On January 30th, Anya Tylor-Joy, who played the main protagonist of the show, twitted “The Queen’s Gambit 2”.

Immediately, fans went frenzy about it. And though Taylor-Joy later clarified that her account was hacked, she didn’t address the hint. So, fans, including myself, are hoping for the second part.

Queen’s Gambit is a seven-episode series that aired on Netflix in 2020.

It’s adapted from Walter Tevis’s 1983 novel of the same name and ranked the number-one show in more than 12 countries.

Champion’s Chess Tour Announces $2 Million Prize

As if GMs and IMs’ money wasn’t jiggling, the Champion’s Chess tour has announced a $2 Million prize. Read How much do chess players make.

champions chess tour
Source: (

This announcement has made the Champion’s Chess Tour the richest and most prestigious annual circuit. 

Mark the date; it’s February 3rd! The tournament will begin with Arithings Masters, followed by five other star-studded matches.

What’s more, GM Carlsen and GM So have already secured their spot in Division I of the Knockout Stage.

Hans Niemann Amends Complaint Against Carlsen 

2023 might bring heaps of good news, but a demon from last year is lurking around the corner.

Yes, it’s Niemann Carlsen controversy. As if the controversy wasn’t ugly enough, it has gained a new twist.

Hans Niemann Amends Complaint Against Carlsen
Source: (Chess Base 17)

Hans Niemann has amended his lawsuit with an extra 13 pages accusing Carlsen of paying his friend to yell “Ukse (Cheater) Hans” at a prestigious tournament.

The 19-year-old claimed Carlsen paid fellow GM Aryan Tari 300 Euro to malign Niemann’s reputation.

However, Journalist Svensen and the European Chess Union Secretary General questioned the accusation’s validity.

According to Svensen’s tweet, the word “Ukse” is not a Norwegian word. The Norwegian word is “Jukse,” and the letter J is missing from the complaint.

Well, who is telling the truth? Only time will tell! But I will keep you updated.

The 2023 Pro Chess League Begins in February  

The Pro Chess League (PCL) beings February, and the prize fund is a whopping $150,000.

2023 Pro Chess League
Image Source: (

And the league has already confirmed your favorite players, GM Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura.

The qualifier round will begin on February 1st, the Main event on February 14th, and the playoffs on March 28th. The main finals will be held from May 11th to 14th.

This season of PCL is set to be the most entertaining, with a new elimination format in the picture.

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Alexandra Kosteniuk to play for Switzerland From 2024  

Swiss Chess Federation has announced GM Alexandra Kosteniuk will represent Switzerland for future chess events starting January 1st, 2024.

However, GM Kosteniuk has stopped herself from commenting or confirming the news.

GM Kosteniuk stopped playing for Russia after the Russia-Ukraine war broke out and became one of the first players to play under the FIDE flag.

Peter Erismann, head of elite sport on the central board of the Swiss Chess Federation, said,

“Swiss Chess Federation has to pay $10,000 to the Russian Chess Federation as a transfer fee for GM Kosteniuk.

After a two-year waiting period, the changing federation is free.”

Iranian IM Sarah Khadem Defects to Spain Amidst Hijab Row 

GM Kosteniuk, another notable chess player, is also shafting continents; it’s IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh (Sarah Khadem).

IM Kadem was seen defying the Iranian dress code in the 2022 FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Championships to voice her solidarity for Iranian women.

Therefore, she won’t be returning to Iran after her last tournament of the year. IM Sarah Khadem will move to Spain along with her husband and young child.

And although IM Khadem has not yet confirmed this news, a source close to her has confirmed that the international master will move to an undisclosed Spanish City.

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2023 has a lot stored for the chess world. A bright future awaits GM Anish Giri, Nakamura, and Carlsen, and we all hope Niemann-Carlsen Scandal ends amicably.

For our next issue, I will bring you the news straight from Pro Chess League.

Till then, stay happy, and keep playing chess!




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