Is Flowkey Worth It? An Honest Review 

is flowkey worth it

Learning a musical instrument has never been simpler, thanks to the internet. But this overload of information makes it difficult to know which piano learning websites or applications are worthwhile.

If you are a piano enthusiast, you must have heard about Flowkey. And might have wondered, “Is Flowkey worth it?”

This in-depth Flowkey review has all the information to decide if it’s worth spending your money and time. I want to make it easier for you to decide if this is the best way to learn the piano. I’ll go through everything you need to know and provide my impressions on the website.

In conclusion, I will answer the most coveted question, “Is Flowkey worth it?”

What is Flowkey?

is flowkey worth it
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It is one of the biggest and fastest-growing piano instruction sites, with over 4 million active members globally. In 2015, Ahmed Hassan, Jonas Gössling, and Alexander Helsing worked with Yamaha Music to develop Flowkey. Berlin serves as the home headquarters for their expanding business group.

Flowkey is an engaging practice and learning software.

In actuality, Flowkey primarily concentrates on teaching you how to perform songs on the piano. Whether this is beneficial depends mainly on your objectives.

It doesn’t have as many game-like aspects as other piano programs, but it provides straightforward instruction free from pointless diversions.

How does Flowkey work?

is flowkey worth it

You create an online account by signing up. You can then use the site’s free version. You can learn 8 songs with this edition. You also get access to some tutorials from Flowkey’s other programs. The entire music library and the website’s courses are accessible with a premium subscription.

There are several tracks to pick from, including Moonlight Sonata and Bohemian Rhapsody. A color code marks the level of each song and course. It indicates if it is for beginners, intermediate, proficient, or professionals.

The way to access this app is to grant your microphone permission to listen to you playing. Then place your smartphone or laptop close to a keyboard or piano.

If you want to learn a song, click on that icon. You will be directed to a website where you will hear the music and watch it performed on the piano. Next, you can select from a variety of learning strategies to get started.

Flowkey tracks your progress during each course and shows you how much of it you’ve finished.

Free Version vs. Subscription Version

Free Version

You can enjoy the following things with a free Flowkey subscription:

  • Courses that can only be accessed in part are “Playing with Both Hands” and “Intermediate Piano Playing,” as well as a thorough “Introduction to the Piano.”
  • Eight free songs are available, some well-known songs like “Hallelujah” and “Claire de Lune.”
  • Access to customer service that typically responds within a day.

flowkey - how free trial works

Subscription Version

With Flowkey’s premium subscription package, you can:

  • Access to all of the music, more than 1000 tracks, across all genres. “Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter” and “Moonlight Sonata” are two examples of premium music.
  • Access to Customer Service 24*7

Subscription Prices

Plan Price
Lifetime Plan 329.99 USD
Monthly Plan 19.99 USD
Yearly Plan 119.88 USD

Flowkey’s Different Levels

I tried my hand with various songs with differing difficulty levels, genres, and ages to give you the most objective critique I could.

Let me now tell you more about how the program functions and how compatible it is with different types of learners.

Beginner Level

The beginner classes offered by Flowkey are the ideal place to begin.

On Flowkey, there are three introductory courses and a tonne of songs for beginners to start learning.

Color Code: Green

You Will Learn the following:

  • how to start playing the piano, including how to sit and where to put your fingers
  • techniques for mastering rhythms
  • a description of sight reading
  • note values, notation, and their meaning
  • how to begin using both hands when playing
  • how to perform easy-to-learn but renowned classical music



  • It helps amateurs to expand their repertoire with classical music
  • Tasks are beneficial but straightforward
  • Courses provide a comparatively strong foundation in the instrument
  • Visual aids help in the comprehension of sight-reading


  • Being thrown into the deep end without any real tutor
  • Even at this early level, courses could delve into more depth
  • Song lessons could have stressed time signature

Target Learners

It is for complete beginners. If you have never touched a piano before, this level will suit you best. But there are some gaps in their theory courses.

Intermediate Level

You can move to the intermediate level if you have mastered some easy songs.

Color Code: Yellow

You will learn the following:

  • what sharps, flats, and naturals mean to pianists
  • fresh fingering methods
  • a 6/8 timepiece
  • basics, such as major and minor chords
  • The most effective way of playing scales
  • “four chords,” which appear in nearly every pop song
  • chord inversions



  • A gradual development from the beginner’s section
  • For intermediates, visual aids are still helpful.
  • The use of loop mode and Wait mode helps in the learning process.
  • Various styles are available.


  • More focus could have been given to the theories, such as intervals and the circle of fifths.

Target Learners

The trickiest group to categorize is undoubtedly this one. You maybe considered intermediate if your skill level falls between Beethoven and a total beginner.

I’d suggest those who are already familiar with the basic levels are the perfect candidates for this level.

Advanced Level

More experienced pianists might feel they are above studying piano online and are thus not often the intended audience. But Flowkey still has a tonne of information available for them.

Color Code: Red

You will learn the following:

  • more challenging scales, with more sharps and flats
  • practice techniques for these scales
  • four-note chords
  • patterns for chord harmony



  • An excellent place to find sophisticated repertoire.
  • Stresses the significance of scales.
  • Excellent scale-practicing methods.
  • The loop portion is helpful for musical parts that are technically challenging.


  • Not much information about composition, playing in different styles, and overall musicianship is given.
  • At this level of expertise, Flowkey courses are less helpful.

Target Learners

This is helpful for those with a lot of experience playing the piano and searching for new songs to learn. The Flowkey tools are worth it for advanced players who still have trouble with sight-reading.

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Overall Review

Why You Should Consider Flowkey

1. Beginner-friendly Tools

The technology and resources Flowkey uses to assist you in learning the piano are undoubtedly the application’s greatest asset.

The note-recognition technology amazed me. Flowkey asked me to try again after hitting a wrong note which was a helpful learning method.

The 50% playback technique was a helpful reminder that learning a new piece is best done slowly. The loop option was a lifesaver for getting through challenging bars and sections.

Another brilliant idea was to give the learner the option of concentrating on the left hand, the right hand, or both.

2. A Wide Variety Of Songs

The fact that there is something for everyone is another fantastic quality.

This is a beautiful method for beginners to tryout their first track, for intermediates to explore different genres, and even for the experienced pianist to dig into some challenging technical works.

3. Amazing Visuals

The piano is on the top half of the screen when you first begin a new lesson, and the sheet music is on the bottom.

This split-screen effect benefits people with little to no expertise in reading music. Flowkey is worth it for this feature itself.

Why You Should Not Consider Flowkey

1. Impersonal Experience

Everybody learns differently.

On Flowkey, you never meet your teacher. The closest you can get is a narration and a pair of hands floating over a piano.

Many people find it difficult to learn a new skill successfully. Even if they never see their teacher, they must first develop a close bond with them.

For new students, having that certainty and step-by-step explanation is helpful, especially when grasping challenging ideas and sticking with practice. That I think, doesn’t make flowkey worth it.

2. Very Few Lessons

As I previously mentioned, the majority of users of this app only want to pick up a few new music. But Flowkey, in my opinion, can expand its lessons outside the song library.

I was only left wanting more.

I believe more work might develop Flowkey students into all-around musicians.

Giving lessons on the cut time, arpeggios, ear training, bass clef notes, diatonic chord, chord progression, and diminished chord are a few examples of achieving this.

3. Requirement of a Piano

This seems quite apparent, no? Of course, if you require a piano for in-person classes, you also need one for online sessions.

My main complaint is that there aren’t many options on the website to look at and learn from because most of the attention is on note-identification technology. You cannot view a video lesson without a piano or save the sheet music to read later.

Additionally, a seven-octave piano is the best instrument to use when practicing. Because they are so costly, buying one of these instruments requires careful thought.

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Is Flowkey a good investment?

Yes, Flowkey is undoubtedly cost-effective. The app contains one of the most extensive music archives with various genres. Additionally, Flowkey is incredibly useful, adaptable, and efficient. You will have the option to pick your study guides and to study at your speed.

Does Flowkey have a free version?

Flowkey does have a free version. However, it’s merely a trial version. To help you decide whether or not the platform is suited for you before making any purchases, Flowkey gives a 7-day free trial.

Can Flowkey truly help you learn the piano?

You can use Flowkey to learn how to play the piano. The Flowkey software is meant to make learning the piano simpler. It is packed with practical, adjustable tools and options that will benefit your efficient learning of the basics. The screen displays everything you need to play to make it simple for you to play brand-new songs.

Is Flowkey an ideal place to begin learning music theory?

The broad syllabus of the Flowkey app includes courses in music theory. With Flowkey, you can pick up the basics as a beginner. To create a solid base, you should look for additional materials that go into great detail on music theory.

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Conclusion: Is Flowkey Worth It?

Of all the piano classes I’ve tested, Flowkey’s song collection provides the broadest range of songs and musical styles.

But Flowkey isn’t an excellent resource for online piano lessons. It’s more of a tool to help you diversify your repertoire. This software teaches you songs but does not teach you how to play an instrument.

The primary lessons are targeted only toward beginners. But they are insufficient to be regarded as a course.

This might seem so, but this is not an online piano course. Therefore, you might want to avoid the app if you genuinely seek piano lessons.

It is entertaining and engaging and will help you learn songs quickly, but it offers no instruction. Find a better online piano course, or look for a real teacher.

Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments.

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