3 Basic Methods of Learning Piano

methods of earning piano

Be it for your kids or your own learning; a beginner has to follow a method and seek a good piano teacher to get started with your initial piano lessons.

However, it is hard for a beginner to choose the right method to learn playing the piano. In this article, we will discuss three basic methods of learning piano and various learning accommodation.   

3 Basic Methods of Learning Piano

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There are numerous methods to learn playing the piano in the world. According to professional pianists, the three best methods for learning the keyboard are the Suzuki Piano Method, Bastien Piano Basics Method, and Alfred Piano Method. Let’s talk about them in detail. 

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1. Suzuki Piano Method

Shinichi Suzuki: A Living Legacy | Suzuki Association of the Americas
Shinichi Suzuki

“If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.”Shinichi Suzuki.

Suzuki Piano Method is also referred to as the ‘mother tongue method.’ This method is also called ‘talent education.’

The theory was developed by famous Japanese Violinist and piano teacher Shinichi Suzuki.

With years of teaching experience, he realized that beginners of all ages, especially children, pick up their respective native language easily by hearing it from birth.

According to him, children are capable of playing any kind of musical instrument as an acquired skill, just like learning a language. With this philosophy, he developed this keyboard learning method, especially for children.

This is the best way to learn playing piano lessons to date. Evidently, this technique requires psychological tools like group playing, memorization, and extensive listening to various musical records to grasp the language of music.

Here’s a video for you to take the first step of Suzuki Piano Lesson.

Naturally, this method is not only widely accepted all around the world, but prominent music schools in Europe and the US use this technique to teach playing the piano, guitar, and violin to kids.

However, according to critiques, this method results in poor sight-reading capabilities and a lack of expression. 

2. Bastien Piano Basics Method

The Bastien Basics Method consists of five different skill sets essential for learning to play the piano. This method is excellent for young students, especially children.

If you want to learn the theories extensively while practically learning to play the instrument, this method is ideal for you. The primer level, which is developed keeping young beginners in mind, is beneficial for students aged between 4 and 6.

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The primer series is usually used to teach pianos to kids. And gradually, the levels go up to the fourth one. This method is full of fun piano lessons and illustrious themes.

The perfect blend of performance, lessons, and music theory makes it a piano teacher’s favorite. Every step of this method is correlated with the other ones that teach you every chord, scale, and grand staff for sheet music in a step-by-step manner. 

This is one of the most common and popular piano teaching methods around the globe. Teachers prefer the Bastien Piano lessons method over the Suzuki method because it focuses on the theory simultaneously with regular practicing, including chord progression and sheet music.

However, this method is not suitable for children below the age of 4. These keyboard and piano lessons are widely popular in the Middle-Eastern and European regions. 

3. Alfred Piano Method

If you are looking for a position-based piano learning method, the Alfred Piano method is the perfect choice for you. This is one of the best methods to learn piano in the world.

This unique approach promotes exploration of the keyboard and offers interesting and engaging piano learning methods to kids. Piano instructors who usually teach all kinds of students prefer this method over the others because this method is designed for students, especially pre-adolescents.

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However, these piano lessons are not recommended below the age of 7 because this method contains some complex playing skills and theoretical piano lessons.

From teaching you the basics of notes and scales to advanced learning of composition, this excellent technique covers it all. Whoever the student is, this method aims to be age-inclusive for all.

However, according to some critiques, the free movement tutorials doesn’t allow a beginner to learn from their mistakes. Despite all this criticism, it is one of the most popular and widely accepted methods for learning to play the piano and keyboard.

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Honorable Mentions

I can’t close this chapter without mentioning these two methods of learning to play the keyboard. 

1. Faber & Faber Technique

If you want to specifically learn to play jazz, blues, or folk music, this method is ideal for you. Developed by Randall and Nancy Faber, Faber & Faber method is suitable for both young and adult keyboard students to learn playing the piano. 

However, I will recommend these piano lessons to kids over the age of 6.

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2. Hal Leonard Method

If you are familiar with the Piano and keyboard world, you must have heard the name of Hal Leonard at least once. It has been the world’s largest music print publisher for the last 50 years.

Their method specializes in kids by teaching them the basics of piano, from playing the notes to learning theories. 

You can enroll your kids in this keyboard learning method from the age of 5.

Modes of Learning to Play the Piano

Now that we have learned about the basic methods of learning the piano let’s talk about the modes of tutorials for playing the piano. There are three popular ways of learning the piano; Classical method, ear training, and self-taught.

1. Classical Method

We all imagine this whenever we think of getting piano lessons. Much like the movie Whiplash, you go to a studio, and a professional pianist teaches you how to play the piano and keyboard from the beginning. 

However, it is difficult to find a good keyboard teacher that suits your requirements. A classical method teacher will give you tutorials about learning to play the piano, pedals, music theories, as well as the correct posture.

Also, this keyboard learning method usually costs more because you are getting one-on-one keyboard playing tutorials with an expert. Sadly, not everybody can afford these piano lessons. This seems to be the ideal method of practicing for beginners.

A quick tip: if you are going for a classical method of learning, ask your teacher before enrolling what methods they will use and what kind of music they have expertise in.

2. Ear Training

Just like you learn a language, ear training works in the same manner. In this mode of learning, you get to learn the pitches, notes, chord, tempo, and scales by hearing records repeatedly. 

This may sound difficult at first, but as you get accustomed, you can learn faster than others with the help of this method. 

Improving your aural skills is very important if you want to play the keyboard professionally. Ear training method trains you with that from the beginning.

Arguably, some critiques call it incompetent because it doesn’t focus on the music theories and sheet music. 

However, if you are just a beginner, you can start by training your ears, and you will be able to grasp and analyze every chord, note, and scales faster than your fellow musicians.

3. Self-Taught Method

As you can understand by the name, in this method, you will learn to play the keyboard all by yourself. This may surprise you, but many of the legendary professional pianists didn’t take piano lessons; they are self-taught.

All you have to do is buy a piano and get started with it. Firstly, get accustomed to the keyboard. Once you’re done, think about the keyboard learning method you will follow.

If you have decided already, go for online piano lessons and choose one that suits you. Once you subscribe, you will get all the materials and theory books that will teach you playing a chord, notes, scales, hymns, and symphonies on the keyboard. 

The key is to keep yourself motivated and dedicated to sitting for practices every day, and don’t forget to focus on the sheet music too. If you can do that, you can opt for self-taught piano lessons by following online tutorials or a learning app. 

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1. What are the best methods to learn playing the piano?

There are three piano learning methods that are widely popular among keyboard students all around the world. These are Suzuki Piano Method, Bastien Piano basic Method, and Alfred Method. You can go with any one of them. There are two other age-inclusive methods, such as Hal Leonard Method and Faber & Faber Method. 

2. Which method is better; classical, self-taught, or ear training to learn playing the keyboard? 

It actually varies from person to person whether they are capable of classical learning method, ear training, or self-taught method. The classical method of playing is suitable for kids with slight knowledge of how to play the instrument.

I will give the same suggestion if you are opting for self-taught tutorials as a beginner. However, ear training is an acquired learning process, and don’t forget to learn the theories such as sheet music.   

3. Is there a way to learn piano faster than others? 

Yes, there are ways to learn playing faster. You can practice the things you learn in your lesson and practice it repeatedly until you become flawless.

It will help you grasp new piano lessons as well as music theory quickly. However, you should focus on learning it better rather than faster.

One tip: practice improvisation and have a clear understanding of music theory.

4. How long does it take to learn playing the piano?

If you can already play songs hands together, it’ll take you about 4 months to get good at playing piano by ear.

If you’re a complete beginner and you’ve never played a song hands together before, it’ll take you about 6 months of tutorials because you’ll need to learn some other skills first.

5. How do I learn the piano without a teacher?

Nowadays, learning to play the keyboard without a teacher has become easy. All you have to do is sign up for keyboard or piano lessons online.

You will get the complete manual for learning the keyboard. Follow the step-by-step guidance of the tutorials and practice regularly. 

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Now that you have learned about the basic modes and methods to learn playing the keyboard get back to your head-space and think it through. Choose the right one according to your need and get started with the beautiful journey.

If you are looking for an online keyboard or acoustic piano lessons from the comfort of your home, check it out here. Happy playing!

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