Best Piano Lessons Online For Free: List of Top 10

piano lessons online for free

Imagine you are in a concert hall, filled with enthuziastic listeners. There is a grand piano in front of you. You are performing a fine musical piece, and everyone is clapping at your outstanding performance!

Isn’t this fascinating? I know, this is making you smile from the core of your heart. Well, what if this fascination turns into reality?

Yes, you heard it right. You can master piano skills. But if it’s not manageable and affordable for you to attend a nearby class, no worries. Now, you can learn the Best Piano Lessons Online for Free!

If you ever had an urge to learn a musical instrument, the right time to start your musical journey is NOW. For this purpose, a piano can be a perfect choice for you. Considering it a thumbs up, I got a list of the Best Top 10 Piano Lessons that you can attend online.

You can use a virtual piano if you don’t have a piano. Be it your home, gym, or office. You can join from anywhere and learn online. Interestingly, all them are Free!

So, let’s get into the guide.

piano lessons online for free

List of Top 10 Best Piano Lessons Online For Free

Various platforms have been providing online learning. I have categorized the best free piano lessons available across different platforms.


Free Piano Lessons on YouTube

Youtube has become a modern learning platform for all educators, students, and creators. You get the best possible information in just one click. Many youtube channels provide amazing sessions for free. Importantly, the lessons are of a great quality nevertheless of free courses. So, let’s know more about the top best piano lessons on YouTube:

1. Pianote

What a thoughtful name! Pianote has been a popular youtube channel with around 1.16 Million subscribers. A variety of free sessions are available on pianote like –

Apart from that, “Play Piano with Lisa” is a wonderful video lesson where you will learn the essential warm-up routine, finger exercises, stretches, and finger pattern exercises necessary to develop keyboard facility.

Many professional coaches have collaborated with pianote so that they can share all their knowledge. So, it’s an amazing opportunity for an aspiring pianist to learn under experts to get better at piano. You can also visit pianote website to learn more about their personalized tutorials. Besides, you should also know where pianote is lacking.

What is missing here?

The live streams are offered to multiple learners at a time. So, if you are looking for one-on-one sessions, then this channel is not for you.

2. Become a Piano Superhuman

This is the second best platform to learn piano. This is your platform boss, if you want to take the best online piano lessons in a quirky way. Yes! Coach Zack teaches enjoyably so that you don’t get bored and enjoy the learning process.

Don’t fret if you have zero experience with the piano. Because Become a Piano Superhuman precisely focuses on this. You can visit their channel and start learning, especially this lesson on How to learn piano as a beginner with zero prior experience. You will not only learn the piano basics but will end up playing your first ever song!

What I liked most about this online platform is that you will get to learn many different virtues of the piano like –

  • Left-hand patterns for piano
  • Create emotions with notes
  • Mistakes that are killing your progress

So overall, the coach here gives you amazing tips and helps you improve your mistakes. Hence, I recommend you to visit the channel. But you need to know why this platform won’t work in some cases.

What is missing here?

If you are looking forward to gain deep knowledge about piano theory, then this is not the platform for you. Because it focuses on particular piano skills than theoretical education.

3. Creative Piano Academy

If you are into learning piano, you might have visited this outstanding place. This is indeed a creative place to learn and unfurl your musical creativity. You are actually going to have a lot of fun learning here.

Can you imagine a simple lesson called “The Top 5 Piano Exercises for Beginners” can get popular with almost 3.3 Million views? Yes. So, this video lesson on Creative Piano Academy has been beneficial for all beginners across the globe.

Why choose Creative Piano Academy?

It mainly focuses on fun learning. Learning has to be enjoyable, and you will experience this while taking piano lessons from coach Josef Sykora. He instructs in an absolute beginner way. By that means, he takes you through a step-by-step guide. So that each part you learn easily.

He also provides a free guide sheet for each lesson. I recommend this channel, but I want you to know the other side as well.

What is missing here?

Here, you will learn every skill holding a piano, but you will not get to learn detailed music theory even though it provides basics.

Check out EnthuZiastic piano classes for a personalized piano learning experience.

4. Piano From Scratch

This channel has covered everything you would want to learn on the piano. The free piano lessons here cover all the techniques with detailing.

There is a video lesson called “All 12 Major Scales, the Fingerings”. You will learn to play each scale with both hands. Specifically, the following are the best sessions on this channel:

  • Complete beginner tutorial series with basic exercises
  • How to memorize every major and minor chord on the piano
  • Piano book review (Alfred’s adult all in one piano course)
  • Piano buying guide
  • Beginner piano questions

Plenty of customized content is available on Piano From Scratch. In every video description, he provides additional beneficial learning information, including pdfs you must check. However, it carries some cons with pros.

What is missing here?

This channel covers every lesson that will help you to become a better pianist except the music philosophy.

Free Piano Lessons on Websites

Many websites have come forward with free piano learning opportunities for aspiring pianists. Websites are a great medium for learning piano skills. So, here are some websites providing Online Piano Lessons for Free:

5. Pianonanny

Pianonanny is one of the best websites for online piano learning free of cost. Pianonanny has been helping many students who are willing to learn piano. It has been providing free piano lessons since 1994. Interestingly, their original series on free online piano, “Piano on the Net,” earned huge popularity. And won many awards. In 1998, it was also featured on NBC Nightly News and other magazines.

Why choose Pianonanny?

  • Pianonanny has well-structured lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • The lessons are text-based, so you can start learning step-by-step piano theory at your own pace.
  • You get Audio Clips, each around 35 minutes, which is an advantage and a great medium to learn more about piano lessons.
  • The best thing is that, your instructor will be a jazz musician and award-winning composer, Clinton S. Clark!

I think, these primary grounds are enough to convince you to enroll here. However, you must also know the other side.

What is missing here?

The beginning lessons are too theoretical. Hence, you won’t be able to hold the piano and learn it till the ending sessions.

 6. TakeLessons Live

An aesthetic interface of TakeLessons Live with a “Feed Your Passion” approach will induce you to enroll in their free online lessons!

Why choose TakeLessons Live?

  • Here, online learning will not feel so online as you will get a live teacher experience!
  • Interactive classes where you can ask questions and correct your mistakes as well.
  • Unlimited access to many classes
  • Some popular lessons include decoding the circle of 5th, how to read sheet music, ear training, piano games, and whatnot! So, do visit TakeLessons Live website.

What is missing here?

There is a lack of teachers. Hence, the possibility is, you may not get your queries resolved immediately and it may take some time.

7. Zebra Keys

Zebra keys is another great resource where you can learn online piano lessons at no cost. You might feel that this website is of old time, but it will really help start your piano journey.

Why choose Zebra Keys?

  • Free piano lessons with visual flash animations (View and hear songs, and play along)
  • Customized beginner lessons like piano layout, basic music notation, basic music theory
  • Intermediate-level lessons like chords, piano improvisation, and many more

Apart from that, a learner gets free piano resources like virtual piano and chord charts. Also, you can learn to play popular songs with video lessons. But you must also know what you can’t find here.

What is missing here?

This site does not provide in depth lessons. The music notation part which is important, does not confer deep knowledge.

8. PianoLessons4Children

If you are a parent and want to engage your kid in a good activity, PianoLessons4Children is your solution!

Their lessons are designed for children, but from children to parents, anyone can learn as a beginner.

Fun fact, the teachers teach some popular children’s songs on the piano like twinkle twinkle, alphabet song. So, the children enjoy the learning phase. This way, your child can learn and have fun as well.

This free piano learning platform mainly focuses on elementary-level piano lessons that are especially good for beginners.

Why choose PianoLessons4Children?

So, these lessons are very easy-going. But you should know what you can’t find here.

What is missing here?

The interface is not very aesthetic. The site provides very basic lessons which might lose your interest at a point.

9. Udemy

Udemy is a well-known online learning platform for aspiring pianists. Along with paid courses, Udemy has a series of free lessons as well. If you can invest and want to learn specific techniques, you can surely take them. But you can learn free sessions if you can’t spend money.

Why choose Udemy?

  • Piano lessons for absolute beginners
  • Top 10 classical piano pieces for beginners
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Piano groove

So, Udemy has interesting lessons with a free trial and you should check them out. But there are some reasons for which I won’t recommend this site.

What is missing here?

Though this site is a well-known learning source, the certificate you get on course completion has no official authorization.

10. Skoove

Skoove is another platform where you can learn piano from experts. Skoove has personalized free and paid lessons as well. The free lessons are worth your time.

Why choose Skoove?

  • 25 piano lessons
  • One-on-one support from instructors
  • Updated monthly lessons and songs on piano
  • Real-time feedback

There is a lot you can explore with skoove but you must know the weak side as well.

What is missing here?

Here, you won’t be provided with the entire tutorial of the songs. Instead, this site includes snippets and overview only.

Special Mention

The list doesn’t end here. There is one more platform I want to tell you about – EnthuZiastic. This is one of the best online piano learning platforms. Classes are live and instructor-led. Not exactly free, but you can avail trial class.

Why Choose EnthuZiastic?

  • You will be taught absolute and essential basics like sitting posture and finger exercises
  • Customized lessons are designed for you so that you can absorb the learnings effectively at your own pace
  • Flexible timings according to your schedule
  • Easy rescheduling
  • Expert teachers to guide you

Besides these benefits, you get a certificate of completion as well. So, enroll today and start your piano journey with EnthuZiastic.

learning piano

Learn Piano From Expert Teachers

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What do I need for online piano lessons?

For online piano lessons, it’s good if you have a piano. A simple piano is good to go when you are starting. If you are unsure about buying one immediately, you can use a virtual piano and start learning online. Other than a piano, a smartphone or laptop, pc or a tablet, and a diary to take notes. These are the basic and sufficient things to start your online piano lessons.

Are free piano lessons useful and effective?

The top free resources I shared are well researched and you can definitely go for them. Other than that, how would you know if they are helpful until you actually start learning them? So, explore. Start. Learn through the process.


The internet has opened doors of opportunities where you can learn amazingly useful skills free of cost. Piano lessons are one of those incredible skills.

We all must consider ourselves lucky enough to have these free resources. They definitely help us in increasing our learning ability.

Wait. The list of best piano lessons has something in addition. If you want to master the piano skill in your budget, make the best investment and enroll in a class. A teacher can guide and direct you well to enhance your piano skills.

Take the opportunity and start your piano journey.

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