31 Cool Spanish Words to Add to Your Vocabulary Today  

cool spanish words

Around 559 million people worldwide speak Spanish, but I wasn’t one of them until I watched Money Heist.

Remember how the social media went crazy during the lockdown? It was either making weird coffee (dalgona coffee) or fangirling over Money Heist characters.

Even though I wasn’t directly a part of the frenzy, I was nearby. I was learning Spanish.

I watched more Spanish series and took help from EnthuZiastic Spanish experts to speak Spanish within three months.

Here I am with 31 cool Spanish words that I think everybody should know, even if they aren’t taking Spanish lessons. Trust me; these words are so cool that you’ll be a fan of the Spanish language right after reading this blog.

31 Cool Spanish Words that Everybody Should Know  

1. Despacito  


Despacito means slowly.

Sentence using Despacito 

Quiero bailar contigo despacito.: I want to dance with you slowly.

2. Vale


Vale means okay. You can also use it to say ‘yes’ to something or express meanings like ‘I hear you’ or ‘sounds like a good plan.’

Sentence using Vale  

Vale, iré a tu fiesta.: Okay, I will come to your party.

3. Padre


Padre literally means father, but Spanish (Mexican) speakers also use it when they want to say “cool.”

Sentence using Padre  

Tu perro es padre.: Your dog is cool.

4. Tranquilo


Tranquilo literally means calm or quiet, but you can also use it as a command to tell someone to relax and calm down.

Sentence using Tranquilo  

Llevan una vida muy tranquil.: They lead a very quiet life.

5. Orale


In Mexican Spanish, people use Orale to say, “let’s do it.” It’s slightly like vale. You can also use it to express that you agree.

Sentence using Orale  

Orale, vamos al juego.: Yeah, let’s go home.

6. Chamba


Chamba means work. Spaniards mostly use it in Mexico.

Sentence using Chamba  

Necessitio Chamba.: I need to work.

7. Genio


Genio means genius.

Sentence using Genio  

Usted es un genio.: You are a genius.

8. Escuincle


Escuincle means brat or kid.

Sentence using Escuincle  

Este escuincle es muy travieso.: This kid is very naughty.

9. Bruja


Bruja literally means calm or quiet, but you can also tease your friends or sisters by calling them bruja.

Sentence using Bruja  

Eres mi brujita.: You are my little witch.

10. Vamos


Vamos means let’s go.

Sentence using Vamos  

Vamos a la escuela.: Let’s go to school.

11. Guapo


Guapo literally means handsome.

Sentence using Guapo  

Mi hermano es guapo.: My brother is handsome.

12. Bailar


Bailar literally means dance.

Sentence using Bailar  

Vamos a bailar.: Let’s dance.

13. Cantemos


Cantemos means let’s sing.

Sentence using Cantemos  

Cantemos mañana.: Let’s sing tomorrow.

14. Beso  


Beso literally means kiss.

Sentence using Beso  

Quiero besar al bebé.: I want to kiss the baby.

15. Abrazo


Abrazo means hug in Spanish.

Sentence using Abrazo  

Los abrazo antes del partido.: I hug them before the game.

16. Tipo


Tipo literally means dude, but it’s only used to refer to strangers.

Sentence using Tipo  

¿Quién es este tipo?: Who is this dude?

17. Güey


Guey is the informal term for dude/tipo in Mexico.

Sentence using Guey  

Güey, tienes que trabajar.: Dude, you need to work.

18. Amor


Amor literally means love, but you can also use it as a nickname for your loved ones like “darling” in English.

Sentence using Amor  

Te quiero, mi amor.: I love you, my love.

19. Gente


Gente literally means people.

Sentence using Gente  

El local rebosaba de gente.: The place was full of people.

20. Suave


The English translation of Suave is smooth, but Spanish speakers also use it to mean “cool”.

Sentence using Suave  

Cristiano Ronaldo es muy suave.: Cristiano Ronaldo is very cool.

21. Zarpado


Zarpado is another Spanish slang word for cool. It’s mostly used in Argentina.

Sentence using Zarpado  

¿Fuiste al partido? ¡Zarpado!.: Did you go to the game? Cool!

22. Bella


Bella means beautiful in Spanish. This word means the same in the U.S. and in Central America & South America.

Sentence using Bella  

Ella es bella.She is beautiful.

23. Tronco


Tronco is used to refer to familiar dudes casually. It’s another word like tipo but used only for friends or acquaintances.

Sentence using Tronco  

Tronco, vamos a bailar.: Dude, let’s dance.

24. Regalo


Regalo means gift in Spanish.

Sentence using Regalo  

Tengo un regalo para ti.: I have a gift for you.

25. Vacaciones


Vacaciones literally means vacation.

Sentence using Vacaciones  

Voy a ir de vacaciones.: I am going on a vacation.

26. Playa


In Spanish, playa means beach.

Sentence using Playa  

Estoy en la playa.: I am on the beach.

27. Preciosa


Preciosa in Spanish means precious.

Sentence using Preciosa  

Eres preciosa.: You are precious.

28. Sonreîr


Sonreîr means smile.

Sentence using Sonreîr  

Tu sonrisa es preciosa.: Your smile is precious.

29. Fiesta


Fiesta means party. This word is pretty common amongst Americans as well.

Sentence using Fiesta  

¿Dónde es la fiesta?: Where is the party?

30. Poco  


Poco literally means little.

Sentence using Poco  

Sé muy poco español.: I know very little Spanish.

31. Loco  


Loco means crazy. This word is also quite popular in English. You might have also heard this word in the song “Un poco loco” from the movie called “Coco.”

Interestingly, loco also means dude in Spanish-speaking countries like Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Ecuador.

Sentence using Loco  

Tú estás un poco loco.: You are a little crazy.

If you want to know more cool Spanish words, watch this video.


What are some beautiful Spanish words?

Amor, bailar, preciosa, bella, beso are some of the coolest Spanish words. Amor means love, bailar means dance, preciosa means precious, bella means beautiful, and beso means kiss.   

How do you say cool in Mexican slang?

The Mexican slang for “cool” is chido.

What does Guay mean in Spanish slang?

Guay means “idiot” or “dumb” in Mexico.

What does Venga mean?

Venga means come on in Spanish.


Dear readers, Spanish is a beautiful language. Even if you aren’t visiting Spain anytime soon, still learning Spanish is worth the time.

I hope you liked the cool Spanish words. If you have any other words in mind, feel free to add them in the comment section.

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