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Theme based summer camp USA - EnthuZiastic
Summer and Endless Possibilities at EnthuZiastic

With the onset of summer, we all have our plans awaiting. The last year was different though. We were braving a pandemic. Vaccines rolled out and we are again brimming with hope and strength. We Shall Overcome!

EnthuZiastic has its own way to offer engagement, hope, and respite. We bring 8-week theme-based summer camp for kids and everyone where they will create, learn, play, laugh, dance, sing, cook with professionals and, importantly feel the solidarity and camaraderie with their age groups.

EnthuZiastic intends to spread joy, fun, smile, and enthusiasm!

The camp is ongoing. We completed two theme-based weeks. The first week was themed around Indian Culture and the second week engaged with Robotics.

It was sheer joy and pride to see children exploring these opportunities, culture, and traditions, and creating something on their own. We are happy to share a glimpse here.

We are loving the third week of summer camp-themed around Galaxy. Five more weeks to go and EnthuZiastic curates these upcoming 5 weeks around the themes of Mad Science, Disney, Nature, Mythical Creatures, and Superheroes respectively.

The registrations are open. New courses are available and so are the fun and learning laced opportunities with EnthuZiastic. Few courses are even all age inclusive. Gift yourself, your kids, and loved ones the course you and they would love.

You can avail a 10% discount for bringing a friend or sibling. Call or message at 408-442-4209 to avail of the discount.

For queries, drop a message at 408-442-4209 or email at

Make memories this Summer. Register here.

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