Age Group:
8 to 80 years

Online Event


BeatBoxing by Mr.Jeewak


I am doing my Electrical Engineering(3rd Year). I have been beatboxing for the past 7 years. Have performed on many shows, and also judged many online beatbox battles. I had been teaching beatboxing on youtube for 2.5 years and gained around 20k subscribers and on Instagram, I have 5k+ followers and also I take paid online beatbox classes where I taught around 100+ students and also took many beatboxing workshops.

I go Live on my Instagram once a week and solve doubts regarding beatboxing and also conduct live beatbox battles with over 50+ live viewers.

I also own a Discord server it has 2000+ beatboxer members.

I have hosted many online beatbox events where more than 200+ people participated around India. I also have another channel where basically i upload Vlogs, Gaming it has around 10k Subscribers

What you require ?

EnthuZiasm to learn!!!