Age Group:
6 to 100 years

Online Event


Focused Chess Practice and Playing Session



Chess Board

Piece introduction

Concept of Attack, Capture, Defense

Check, Checkmate

Basic Opening principles

Few middle game concepts like Pin/Double attacks/Deflection

Basic endgames

Playing game practice

(Please note curriculum can be flexible as per the grasping ability of kid)


About the Instructor:

I am Yogesh Vishwakarma( B.E, Mumbai University).
I am enthusiastic chess player and passionate chess coach.
My mission is to make chess knowledge viral and create enthusiasm for chess learning.
And I believe in imparting chess knowledge where chess learning is fun and easy.

I have more than 6 years of chess coaching experience.
My real strength lies in,
1) Creating enthusiasm and love for chess.
2) Handling and teaching chess to young and hyperactive kids.
3) Developing patience and independent thinking in students.
4) Preparing chess students to become better at chess and perform better at competitive level tournaments.

If you are looking for better chess learning and overall development for your child, then you would be really happy to see your child learn chess with fun.

What you require ?

Need a silent atmosphere when the student is taking class, Chessboard, Notebook