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8 to 40 years

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Dhrupad vocal By Ms. Meghana


Dhrupad is the oldest surviving classical style of Hindustani (or North Indian) vocal music. Its name is derived from dhruva-pada, simply meaning "refrain," and denotes both a form of poetry and a style of music in which the poetry is sung.


About Instructor: The tradition of Dhrupad is a pristine musical experience of spiritual knowledge and it’s performance is an act of devotion or prayer inducing a feeling of peace and contemplation. Meghana is a disciple of this ancient stream of music, following the Dagar Parampara, learning vocal music under the prestigious guidance of Guru Pandit Uday Bhawalkar since 2005. She has been a visiting artist in residence for Salisbury University, Maryland, USA since March 2016. She has performed at the very prestigious ‘Franz Liszt Conservatory of Music’ in Europe and for the Indian Embassy of The Netherlands in The Hague and the University of Twente. She has been awarded the fellowship and scholarship from The Ministry of Culture (India) and the National Centre for Performing Arts and the ‘Lalkaar’ award in 2017. She has been a Scholar at the ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Kolkata, from 2012 to 2017. She has performed on Insync television channel in the series ‘India Stage’ and is a graded artist of the All-India Radio for Dhrupad. Born in 1987, Meghana undertook her initial music lessons from Smt Sudha Deo, Dr. Mohan Darekar, and Dr.Saleel Kulkarni. Completing her ‘Sangeet Alankar’ (Masters degree in Indian Classical music) with distinction, she has taught music at The Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) as well as at Dr. Saleel Kulkarni’s academy in Pune and participated in various stage and television shows like ‘Aushyawar Bolu Kahi’ and ‘Nakshatranche Dene’


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