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Elementary/Primary school kids
High school kids
Middle school kids
College students
Middle Age

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Guitar Class with Pranay (12 sessions) Friday, 6 pm PST


12 sessions (1 hour long)

 Limited spots (max 5 kids)


- Introduction to Guitar

- Guitar Anatoy

- Guitar Notation 

- Finger Strengthening exercises

- Fretboard Notations & Chromatic - -Exercises

- Tabs reading & C major Scale

- Open Chords & Strumming 

About Instructor: Pranay is a self taught music enthusiast who learnt and admired music since his very beginning of teenage life. He has a fond of hard rock & heavy metal genre and established his fingers on Guitar & Piano. 

He believes learning music comes from within and he also has a strong belief in ear sense as we all feel music through hearing. Pranay guides students to build their ear sense & to apply the same while playing the instruments in really easy methods.

Apart from being Guitarist & Pianist by Profession, he also plays Sitar, Mandolin, ukulele, mouthorgan, flute, drums, etc. He has a very unique style of teaching music that the student never forgets it.

What you require ?

Guitar & Enthuziasm to learn!!