Age Group:
7 to 15 years

Online Event

#Gross motor skill

Handwriting Practice Classes



  • To make one’s writing legible and presentable.
  • Proper spacing and arrangements of letters
  • To increase the speed of writing
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your handwriting

Description -

Handwriting improvement is a skill. With this skill the child learns proper size & spacing of the

alphabets and words.

1) 15-day course of handwriting improvement in English, Hindi and Maths

2) English covers small and big alphabets, small and big spellings, sentence and paragraph writing.

3) Maths covers numbers, roman numbers, different numeric signs.

4) Hindi covers full varnamala, all matras, sentence and paragraph writing.

5) Stationary guidance

6) Enhancing Gross motor skill

7) Practice session

8) Guidance on speed writing

About Instructor - Ms. Kavita is a government certified Handwriting improvement , calligraphy , art and craft teacher with a teaching experience of 5 years. Her qualification is BSc but she is very passionate in skill development activities and now it is her profession. She love kids very much and take activities related to kids.

What you require ?

1) Pencil

2) Eraser

3) Notebook

4) EnthuZiasm to learn good handwriting tips & trics.