Age Group:
Elementary/Primary school kids
Middle school kids

Online Event


Hindi Beginner Course (one on one)


Hindi Beginner Course (Level 1)

Number of Sessions: 8 sessions

• Introduction of Hindi language (saying hello, about Hindi)

• THE HINDI ALPHABET (हिन्दी वर्णमाला)

• Vowels (reading, Pronunciation, writing)

• Consonants (reading, Pronunciation, writing)

• Vocabulary (Essential words) (simple house objects, family member, parts of the body, numbers 1-20)

• Basic grammar ( Nouns, pronouns and verbs)

• Essential sentences ( conversational phrases)

• Reading practice


Hindi Beginner Course (Level 2)

  • Revision of Beginner level 1
  • To learn Hindi numbers from 20-50
  • Conjunct words
  • Name and identify relatives
  • Focus on Hindi writing
  • Prepare children to read Hindi fluently
  • To enhance vocabulary through poetry and stories
  • Focus on basic conversation Grammar
  • Gender, Post Position, Adjective, Adverbs
  • Identify basic sentence structure
  • Tense (basics of Present, Past, Future)
  • Basic Hindi phrases (Introduction and it’s use in normal conversation)
  • Use of words (सकना (saknaa) - ‘Can’ , चाहना (caahnaa)- To Want, होना (honaa) - To Be, अपना (apna)- one’s own, को (ko) - 'to’ etc.)
  • Use of Question words (Èया (kya)- what, कब (kab)- when, कहाँ (kahaan)- where, etc.)

What you require ?

There are no pre-requisites for this course; it is designed keeping an absolute beginner in mind. So, just hop on this train with a backpack filled with enthusiasm, dedication, pen/pencil and paper.

Why should you join ?

Learning a language like Hindi is an amazing process, and every stage of it can be very fulfilling.

If you are:

  • Non-native Hindi speakers.
  • Foreigners.
  • Students learning Hindi as foreign language.
  • Students learning Hindi as second language.
  • Students who want to learn Hindi through english.
  • Perfect for the complete beginner with no Hindi knowledge.
  • Students who want to learn to speak Hindi in a simple and quick way.
  • Student going to spend a holiday/vacation in India or another Hindi speaking country.
  • Students who have failed to learn Hindi in the past but really want to give it one more go.
  • Students with no experience with Hindi but would like to learn fast.
  • Students who always wanted to learn Hindi but are very busy and can never find the time.
  • Beginner through intermediate.

So if you know little to no Hindi, you should join this course.