Age Group:
5 to 13 years

Online Event


Hindustani Classical Vocal Music by Ms. Amruta


Teacher: Amruta Joshi


Amruta Joshi is very professional music teacher and practicing music from many years. Since childhood she was enriching her musical journey and had completed the Upantya Visharad in Hindustani classical music. 

While moving ahead decided to accord her musical knowledge to society and children's are the best suited as a next-generation society bearers. 

She believes each child should have their own music style with strong musical notes, so for this, she will guide them through technical lessons in many interesting ways and will make musical journey enchanting and full of wonderful experiences. 


Self introduction

Introducing basic notes/ sur

Voice stability / how to maintain scale Omkar Sadhna and voice warmup exercise

Practice session of notes Introduction of alankars Alankar 1

Alankar 2

Alankar 3

Individual practice Alankar 4 or more

Alankar revision

Alankar 5

Alankar 6

Alankar 7...18

Voice modulation according to musical notes

Alankar 12

SaRe ke SaRe song from movie Parichay Games related to music

Alankar revision

What is a scale What is saptak Alankar 13,14,15,16 What is sangeet Elementals of Raag

Alankar 17,18,19

What is a Raag Introduction of Taal Taal Treetal

Counting Taal on palms

Raag Bhupali

Ascend, descend ,Pakad Describe the elements of Taal

Songs based on raag Bhupali Introduction of Tabla

How Taal is being played on tabla

Raag Bhupali Sargam Sargam notation part1 How to sing it with rhythm

Raag Bhupali sargam part 2 Raag Bhupali chota Khayal Define chota khyal

Chota Khayal notations


Chota Khayal Bandish of Bhupali What is wadi and sane Adi sur Song

Identification of Raag Bhupali


Introduction of raag Des

Rag Des aaroha, avroha & pakad Rag des Notations of sargam part 1 Rag Des sargam Part2 


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