Age Group:
Elementary/Primary school kids
Middle school kids

Online Event


Learn to code using Scratch 3, Every Thurs 3 to 4 PM PST



This course helps students learn Scratch 3, a block-based programming tool by MIT Media Lab. Scratch is free and is available in both, online and offline formats and can be run on a web browser from either a Mac or a PC. The course starts with the first lesson which familiarizes the basic concepts of coding and features of Scratch 3 and progresses toward modifying the characters and making them move. Towards the end of this course, students can experiment with Scratch and can create basic fun games and projects.


Module 1: What are programming languages/introduction to programming, Intro to Scratch 3 and its interface

Module 2: In the jungle

Module 3: Play the bands

Module 4: All about me

Module 5: Draw patterns

Module 6: Mini game

Module 7: Maze

Module 8: Rainbow cat

Module 9: Pong Game

Module 10: Starwars


This class also recommends the use of a Mac/PC/Chromebook with a web-browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc. to run Scratch 3. Please look at for the complete system requirements. You can still download Scratch 3 as an app from the Scratch website for an offline version, but you would not be able to share projects. Hence I highly recommend using the online version.

About Instructor:- I have a Master's degree in Computer Science from San Jose State University. I have been actively involved in teaching people from all walks of life, as a freelancer and I have tutored students in various platforms such as computer programming, Mobile Development (iOS), Linux shell scripting, ScratchJr, Scratch 3, Java, Python, Web Development, Elementary Math, Science, etc. I love teaching and I make learning fun and do not believe in being strict and grim with the students. I also believe in "learning through examples"- meaning, I think of and give real-world examples to which the students can relate so that they find it easy to understand the concepts being taught. Now I am passionate about passing on my technical skills along with theoretical knowledge to my students and achieving the next level of success.

What you require ?

While Scratch 3's website suggests that children 8 and above can start coding, I firmly believe that younger children can also start coding projects in Scratch. Hence, this class is for younger students, who have a fairly good knowledge of reading and writing as well as operating the computer/keyboard.

No prior coding experience is necessary.

An account on the Scratch website is required for this. Please visit and click on 'Join Scratch' and follow the onscreen instructions to create an account.

P.S: Please confirm your email after creating an account, else you would not be able to share your projects in Scratch (Parents can help with creating accounts in Scratch for their children. The account is completely free).