Age Group:
9 to 12 years

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Math 4th Grade by Ms. Sanjali - One on One



Place Value Concept: Learn place value for multi-digit numbers, read & write the multi-digit number,

compare and round off multidigit number, Chapter practice.

Dealing with multi-digit numbers: Addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers, multiply with one digit number, multiply with a two-digit number, divide the multi-digit number with a one-digit number, Word

problems, Multiples, and patterns, Chapter practice.

Fractions: Metric units: Length, Mass, and Capacity, Customary units: Length, Weight, and Capacity,

Units of time, Make and interpret line plots, Problem-solving: Elapsed Time. Mixed units, Chapter



2D Geometry: Points, lines, and rays Identify and draw angles, identify parallel and perpendicular

lines, Introduction to a degree, find measure angles, Measure and draw angles, add angle measure, find

the measure of unknown angle, Problem-solving.

Symmetry: Line symmetry, draw symmetric shapes, classify triangles by sides, classify triangles by

angles, Classify quadrilaterals, Chapter practice.

Perimeter and Area: Perimeter of rectangle and square, Area of rectangle and square, find unknown

measure, Problem-solving: Perimeter and area.

About Instructor - M.Sc and M.Phil in Mathematics. Presently I am a Research Scholar in the Department of Mathematics & Scientific Computing, National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh, India. My area of interest is Algebra, Calculus, Vector Calculus, Fluid Dynamics.

What you require ?

Notebook, pencil and enthuZiasm to learn math!!