Age Group:
5 to 14 years

Online Event


Piano Classes by Devashish Sharma


1. Basics, Intermediate and Advanced Piano and Keyboard class.

2. Trinity College courses.

3. Sheet Music and Technical exercises.

4. Jazz Piano and Theory.

5. Bollywood and Hollywood Songs.


About Instructor:

Devashish is a Mumbai based pianist and keyboardist. He was born in Ajmer, Rajasthan and undertook nine years long training in western classical, rock and pop and music theory from Trinity College, London. He has performed all across India and abroad. Presently, he is accompanying Sa re ga ma pa winner Aneek Dhar and finalist Raja Hasan. He recently toured Dubai with well known artists from Bollywood music industry ,Stebin ben and also plays with famous Bollywood singer Kanika kapoor and Meet Bros regularly all across the country. He has also been associated with various educational institutions including schools and universities for imparting music education. His role as a teacher and a performer is praiseworthy.

What you require ?

Piano and EnthuZiasm to learn Piano