Age Group:
3 to 5 years

Online Event


Preschool Phonics- Mon & Thurs 4 pm PST


Phonics is a study of letters and their sounds helping the children understand the association between sounds such as alphabet phonemes and their different blends which make graphemes.


The curriculum starts with the children learning the sounds of the all the letters differentiating them as consonants and vowels, teaching a wide variety of words including rhyming words helping the children understand and use the correct formation of letters.

This is followed by teaching blending alongside the phonemes which includes aural blends and oral blends alternatively. The next step is the reading and writing of CVC words followed by CCVC words which include advanced blends of the alphabet phonemes. After the mastery of alphabet phonemes, the children will start learning to read and write digraphs (two alphabet phonemes, one sound) comprising of consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs. This is followed by the complex trigraphs (three alphabet phonemes, one sound) along with the usage of ‘tricky words’ commonly known as exception word which do not follow the normal phonics rules. Once the children are confident on the above, they will learn the complex graphemes and alternative pronunciations for graphemes.

The program focuses on the perfection of phonics with different aural, oral and literacy activities including songs, stories, visual activities, matching and association games, pattern search play, reading and writing activities.


About Instructor: Matriculation and Senior Secondary - Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Rohtas , Bihar, Graduation and Masters in English- Banaras Hindu University

Currently- PhD research scholar in English at NIT Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Teaching experience- Home tutor to 2 students of class 2-3 for 2 years while in Varanasi

Strength- usage of interdisciplinary teaching aids as per specific need of subject and students, focus on comprehensive delivery of lessons, patient with students.

What you require ?

Device to attend the online class, pencil, notebook, and enthusiasm to learn!