Age Group:
8 to 11 years

Online Event


Pyhton Classes


Python basic for beginners

Lesson 1: Install Anaconda-How to install Anconda and use spyder for python coding

Lesson 2: Hello world- Create your first python program

Lesson 3: Print function- How to print Python with examples

Lesson 4: Variables- How to define/Declare string variable types

Python Data Structure

Lesson 1: Tuple- Pack, Unpack, Compare, Slicing, Delete

Lesson 2: Dictionary- Update, Cmp, Len, Sort, Copy, Str examples

Lesson 3: Dictionary Append-How to add key/Value Pair

Lesson 4: Operators- Arithmetic, logical, Comparison, Assignment

Lesson 5: Arrays- Create, Reverse, Pop with array examples

Conditionally loops,

Lesson 1: Conditional Statements- If..else,elif, and switch case

Lesson 2: For & while loops-Enumerate, Break, Continue statement

Lesson 3: Break, continue- Learn with examples

Lesson 4: Class, Object, Inheritance and constructor with examples


Lesson 1: Strings-Replace,Join, Split, Reverse, Uppercase, Lowercase

Lesson 2: String strip- What is examples of strip function

Lesson 3: String count-Method with examples

Lesson 4: String format-What is, how works and examples

Lesson 5: String len-Pythong string length with examples

Lesson 6: String find- Python string.find, method with examples


Lesson 1: Main function- Understand main function

Lesson 2: function examples- call, identation, Arguements & Return values

Lesson 3: Lambda function- Python lambda functions with examples

Lesson 4: abs() functions- Obsolute value examples

Lesson 5: round() function- What is round function

Lesson 6: range() function- Float, List, For loop with examples

Lesson 7: map() function- what is map function in python with examples

Lesson 8: timeit() with examples- what is python timeit()

Lesson 9: Yield in python- Generator and Yield vs return

Lesson 10: Python Queue: FIFO, LIFO examples

Lesson 11:Counter collections-Use and examples

Lesson 12:Enumerate()- Loop, Tuple, String(Examples)

Lesson 13:time.sleep()- Add delay to your code(Examples)

Lesson 14: type() and insistance()- What is, Syntax and Examples

Lesson 15:New line- How to pring without new line in Python

About Instructor: Mr. Anuj is, MBA(BITS Pilani), and having 11 years of experience in networking.

He has 4-5 years of experience in teaching different coding languages and networking.

What you require ?

A computer for practical and Enthuziasm for learning Python