Age Group:
6 to 100 years

Online Event


Spanish Classes by Ms. Nivedita(New Batch)


Course Curriculum:

Session 1: Introduction to regular verbs like comer, cantar, vivir etc with conjugations

Session 2: Construction of small basic sentences using verbs.

Session 3: Introduction to House Vocabulary and exercises based on it.

Session 4: Introduction to Clothes and exercises based on it.

Session 5: small paragraph writing practice.

Session 6: practice test based on sessions 1, 3 and 4

Session 7: More practice of regular verbs

Session 8: Introduction to articles with exercises.

Session 9: Exercises based on articles.

Session 10: Introduction to adjectives with exercises.

Session 11: Exercises based on adjectives.

Session 12: practice test based on sessions 7,8 and 10

What you require ?

Bring a pen and notebook to class, and make sure to actively participate to make the learning process fun!