Age Group:
3 to 15 years

Online Event


Storytelling by Anubha The Storyteller


Storytelling is the interactive art of using words and actions to reveal the elements and images of a story while encouraging the listener's imagination.

1.What's a story

2.Basics of story

3.History of storytelling

4.Storytelling Basics

5.Finding your style

About Instructor:

Anubha is a Professional Storyteller, Voice Over Artist, Facilitator ,trained actor, and Education Consultant

It is Anubha’s deep passion for reading books and the entertainer /artist within that propelled her into an intriguing journey of telling stories – some from the books she read, and

others from true life experiences she encountered.

Anubha began her professional work experience in the corporate sector while simultaneously pursuing the flair she had for literature by acting in theatre


Anubha is an alumni of Kathalaya ,Max Mueller Bhawan and Delhi University.

She has been a visiting faculty teaching Storytelling Module to Communication Design Students of Pearl Academy Mumbai

What you require ?

EnthuZiasm to listen & enjoy Story!