Age Group:
8 to 15 years

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Summer Art and Craft Camp


Art & Craft Summer Camp

It is here that you will find ideas, activities, crafts, and coloring pages that you can have fun with while at summer camp. Learn how to make cool crafts using recycled materials, create critters from natural objects, make beads, mix up cave paint, and much more!

Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT we will explore different themes and artforms we will choose fun themes and seasonal themes to make arts and crafts. 

Week 1- Indian Culture Theme  

1- Madubani Alphabet

Material list

Drawing sheet, Acrylic or poster colours, paint brushes flat and round, black thin permanent marker,

Rough cloth to wipe the brushes, water bowl

Basic stationery

Pencil rubber scale etc

2- Gon trible art

Drawing sheet 150 gsm paper, Acrylic or poster colors

Yellow carbon to trace the figure ,paintbrushes flat and round 

For fine lines take 0 number round brush also

, basic stationary


3- Ghokra art wall decor

For this any airdry clay, white school glue, talcum powder, black and golden acrylic colours , flat and round brush,for base take any heard sheet like mdf or melamine plain plate

4-Pichwai painting

For this u will need mdf coster , acrylic colours

Flat and round brushes

0 number brush 

Basic stationary

5-Ganesha painting

For this u will need

Canvas or mdf sheet

acrylic colours,paint brushes, basic stationary


 Other week's themes details will be provided soon.

Creativity(Art & Craft camp) Details:

Week 1 Theme:-Indian culture


1. Madhubani style alphabet

2. Gond tribal art

3.Dhokra art wall decor

4. Pichwai painting

5.Ganesha painting

Week 2- Theme:-Robotics


1. Alien space ship

2. Mix media on book cover

3. Marble game

4. Puzzle

5.Tic tac toe game

Week 3 Theme:-Galaxy


1. Galaxy themed clock

2. Rainbow keychain

3. Galaxy themed stone painting

4. Sun and moon painting

5. galaxy pastel paintingWeek 4

Week 4 Theme:- Mad science


1. Salt painting

2. Party popper

3. Soupy Water painting

4. Botanical leaf painting

5. texture marble paper with oilWeek 5

Week 5 Theme:- Mythical Creatures


1. Unicorn themed tags with clay

2. Paper plate frisbee

3. Unicorn coloured handspiner

4. Photo frame

5. Dream catcher from ice cream sticksWeek 6

Week 6 Theme:- nature


1. Sunset painting

2. Painting with leaves

3. Bee puppets

4. Nature painting with spices

5. botanical frameWeek 7

Week 7 Theme:- Disney


1. Mickey mouse organizer

2. Fairy house

3. Disney planter

4. Winnie the poo themed bookmark

5. Hakuna marata canvasWeek 8

Week 8 Theme:- superheroes


1. Captain America Logo Shimmer painting

2. Superhero theme band

3. Superhero mask

4. Superhero theme cupcake topper

5. batman themed tissue Holder

What you require ?

Materials needed for artwork and enthuZiasm to learn.