Age Group:
Middle school kids

Online Event


The Pursuit of Happiness Workshop ( 3 Days)


A dynamic and interactive class that provides tools for a happy life.

Course content:

The following principles are covered in this course:

Section/Week 1:

Be Industrious

Be Competent

Set a Good Example


Section/Week 2:

Be Worthy of Trust

Love and Honor Your Parents

Take Care of Yourself


Section/ Week 3:

Seek to Live with the Truth

Do not harm a Person of Goodwill

Fulfill Your Obligations

Flourish and Prosper


Applicable for Age: 9 and above!



What you require ?

Positive Mindset

Willing to Learn and Participate

Why should you join ?

This course is an opportunity to explore a universal moral code. The emphasis will be on providing you with a pathway to happiness.