Age Group:
5 to 100 years

Online Event


Summer Camp Vocal Music Classes by Mr. Deepak


Time Slot available : 11 00 - to 12;00 am PDT, ( Mon to fri)

6:00 - 7:00 pm PDT ( Mon to fri)

7:00 - 8:00 pm PDT ( Mon to fri)

My name is Deepak, I am a music teacher from Chandigarh.

I am having more than 10 years of experience in teaching Hindustani classical, vocal and instrumental music. I also train students in Bollywood, Sufi, ghazal, Gurbani, dohe, bhajan, shlokas singing. I am also taking online classes.

Proper knowledge is given with more emphasis on practicals. I use various techniques to improve student’s voice quality.

I provide training to people of all age group. Evaluate student’s progress, offer one on one help to ensure each student is able to understand and develop his/her skills.


Course Curriculum :

There are 3 things for VOCAL STUDENT. 

1) SWARA (NOTE) 2.Taal (BEAT) 3.Lyrics. When these three things go in the right way then we can say HE/SHE is a good singer. So here I divide these things into some lessons. These are:

1. Knowledge of swaras, types of swaras.

2. Types of Octaves 

3. Different singing Scales

4. Alankars

5. Notes perfection Exercises

6. Taal/Beat coordination Exercises 

7. Techniques of Practice

8. Beats/Taal, type of beats

9. Knowledge of 12 notes

10. Relation between notes and beat

11. Development of beat skills

12. Sing with beat

13. Alankar practice with vowels and beat

14. Raagas

15. Exploration of Raagas, 

16. Type of Taan, Taan making laws, 

17. Different styles which we used during singing like, :- KHATKA, MURKI, MEEND, GAMAK. 


Except these some theoretical knowledge also given to the student because that is very important for his/her music career. 


Note:- Since VOCAL is a practical subject, so we can better teach singing practically.

What you require ?

Enthusiasm to learn