Age Group:
7 to 50 years

Online Event


Western Music Class


About The Instructor:I am a teacher, performer from Kolkata, have been teaching for the past 4 years now. Currently the western vocal teacher at the North school of music, Kolkata,


*Lesson plan*


Month 1 to month 3 :



✅Identification of different sounds

✅Breathing exercises

✅Identification of different areas in your body that helps sing and ways to work those

✅ Identification of your support system

✅ Basic vocal warm-ups

✅Vowel interval practices

✅ Introduction to solfege (basics)

Note: solfege includes a varied range of exercises

✅ Identifying notes, pitch, sound



Month 4-month 6 :

✅Introduction to basic songs (beginner level)

✅ Understanding voice type and suitability of song

✅ Finding convenient key and comfort range.

✅ Implementation of the basics learned in the initial months in the song



Month7- month 9 :

✅ Different types of techniques required for singing (intermediate level songs ) for example; the belting technique.

✅ Introduction to songs of intermediate level

✅ Implementation of techniques and understanding the suitability of techniques in the respective song



Month 10-12

✅ Mastering techniques

✅exploring and increasing vocal ranges

✅ Backed by advanced level vocal exercises and warm-ups

✅ Introduction to songs for advanced level singing.




⚫the duration for the student's progress might vary, this curriculum is based on an

average study.

⚫ With a view to keep the curriculum fun the student might be introduced to small poetry songs in the beginner stage.

What you require ?

EnthuZiasm to learn and make sure to actively participate to make the learning process fun!