AP (Advanced Placement) Physics 2

Learn the basics of various physical phenomena occurring around you. Get conceptual clarity in the subject with the AP Physics 2 course online. Secure good grades in exams.

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What you will achieve?

Understanding of the laws of thermodynamics

Knowledge of the flow of electricity

Deep-insight into the real world phenomena of light

Better grades in exam

Enhanced knowledge and interest in the domain

Schedule of topics

100 topics


Fluid Systems


Pressure: Atmospheric and Fluid Pressure

Fluids and Free Body Diagrams

Pascal's Principle

Buoyant Force

Archimedes' Principle

Flow Rate

Conservation of Energy in Fluid Flow

Continuity Equation

Conservation of Mass Flow Rate in Fluids

Bernoulli's Principle

Fluids : Numerical Practice


Thermodynamic Systems

Pressure and Thermal Equilibrium

Ideal Gases and Ideal Gas Law

Thermodynamics and Forces

Thermodynamics and Contact Forces

Thermodynamics and Free-body Diagrams

Heat and Energy Transfer

Internal Energy and Energy Transfer

Kinetic Theory

First Law of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics Processes and PV Diagrams

Heat Engines

Carnot Cycle


Second Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy

Thermodynamics and Elastic Collisions: Conservation of Momentum

Thermodynamics and Inelastic Collisions: Conservation of Momentum

Thermal Conductivity

Thermodynamics : Numerical Practice

Electric Force, Field, and Potential

Electric Systems

Electric Charge

Conservation of Electric Charge

Charge Distribution, Friction, Conduction, and Induction

Electric Permittivity

Introduction to Electric Forces

Electric Forces and Free-Body Diagrams

Describing Electric Force

Gravitational and Electromagnetic Forces

Electric Charges and Fields

Isolines and Electric Fields

Conservation of Electric Energy

Vector and Scalar Fields

Electric Force, Field, and Potential : Numerical Practice

Electric Circuits

Definition and Conservation of Electric Charge

Resistivity and Resistance

Resistance and Capacitance

Ohm's Law

DC Circuits With Resistors Only

Kirchhoff's Loop Rule

Kirchhoff's Junction Rule

Series, Parallel, and Series-Parallel Circuits

DC Circuits With Resistors and Capacitors

Electric Circuits : Numerical Practice

Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction

Magnetic Systems

Magnetic Permeability and Magnetic Dipole Moment

Magnetic Field

Vector and Scalar Fields

Monopole and Dipole Fields

Magnetic Force on a Charged Particle

Magnetic Force on a Current-Carrying Wire

Magnetic Flux

Electric Motors

Electromagnetic Induction: Faraday's Law

Lenz's Law

Motional EMF

Magnetism and Electromagnetic Induction : Numerical Practice

Geometric and Physical Optics


Electromagnetic Waves

Periodic Waves


Image Formation by Flat and Curved Mirrors

Refraction and Snell's Law

Image Formation by Thin Lenses


Interference and Diffraction

Double Slit, Single Slit, and Diffraction Grating Interference

Thin Film Interference

Geometric and Physical Optics : Numerical Practice

Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics

Atoms, Atomic Mass, Mass Number, and Isotopes

Atomic Energy Levels

Absorption and Emission Spectra

Models of Light: Wave and Particle

Photoelectric Effect

De-Broglie Wavelength

Wave Function Graphs

Mass-Energy Equivalence

Radioactive Decay: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Decay

Half Life

Conservation of Nucleon Number: Fission and Fusion

Quantum, Atomic, and Nuclear Physics : Numerical Practice

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If you have opted for AP Science in high school and wish to learn the concepts of AP Physics 2 interactively, join this course.

High school students willing to secure good marks in AP Physics can join this course.

After this course, you will have a better understanding of all the topics of AP Physics 2 with numerical solving skills. With the complete revision, you will be ready for the exam.

If you have doubts or want to practice more, you can join the online practice courses by Enthuziastic. These courses are customizable, and you can tell us the topics you want to learn.

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