Birthdays & mindfulness: EnthuZiastic Daily Sunshine

Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday Everyday!

We count our stay here on the Earth in terms of Birthdays. Ironically, the birthday sums up the whole year or promise another complete year at your hand. This sometimes haunts you with apprehension and anxiety; and at others, regret for not living up to the fullest. You keep lamenting over the missed moments which you could have lived better.

EnthuZiastic gets you and to ready you for your next birthday brimming with excitement and self appreciation, we bring to you the secret of mindfulness.

Take one moment at a time, one day at a go. Soak in sunshine. Invest in your experiences. Add value to yourself, learn new skills. Be kind to yourself and grateful to others. Spread joy and smile often. Celebrate.

Make sure that when you are celebrating your next birthday, you have a kaleidoscope of memories to cherish and the heart all young to embrace the coming new year in life. EnthuZiastic wishes you a Very Happy Birthday! Every Day!

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