How Much Do Language Lessons Cost?

how much do language lessons cost

The demand for foreign language learning has increased day by day for various reasons. Learning a second language opens up many possibilities for learners.

If one knows an external language, he can pursue higher education overseas. He can even apply for jobs in a foreign land. Considering all these aspects, many want to join a language class but wonder how much do language lessons cost.

The cost depends on a variety of factors. Let’s look at them and see how much you need to spend to learn a new language.

How Much Do Language Lessons Cost?: Various Factors

The average cost of a language lesson can be somewhere between $5 -$40 per hour. But the exact price of a class depends on a few crucial factors.

1. The Cost of Language Depends on the Mode of the Class

Do you know you can choose the mode of class according to your convenience? And depending on the mode of class, the cost varies. Basically, the classes are held in three modes.

Online Private Classes

There are many institutes and sites with courses that offer online private classes.

You can learn from an expert with a one-to-one facility via Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet.

The cost of such a grounded language class amounts to $25 per hour.

Face-to-Face Classes

You can take a break from the screen and learn a new language at your home, office, or on your teacher’s premises.

Find a good resource, get in touch with a certified trainer, and learn flexibly at your preferred place in face-to-face classes.

You need to pay $44-50 per hour for these classes.

Group Classes

If you like making friends, then group classes are for you. You can go for open group online classes.

Open group classes consist of a certified trainer with more than two students. The benefits of such courses are peer learning and exposure to a real time conversation in the class.

The cost of such courses is $ 8-10 per hour.

2. The Cost Differs Depending on the Language Trainers

The average cost of a language lesson can also depend on the language tutor. Let’s take a look at this aspect.

The Language Exchanger

You must have heard of the saying, “do smart work and not only hard work.” So be smart and learn your target language in exchange for your native language.

To clarify, you can learn a new language from a language exchanger who wants to teach you in exchange for knowledge of your first tongue.

Learning in this process costs zero bucks!

Trainer from a Developing Country

Many countries are developing. Therefore the living cost of such places is low.

You can look for tutors from such countries online and learn your target foreign language cheaply.

You need to pay around $10 to $15 as fees.

The Professional

If you are a serious learner and learning a second language for some prospective job, you should get professional help.

Professionals have their own websites, long-time course structure, and beginner to advanced-level certification courses.
Additionally, as they do the job as full-timer, they will fit into your schedule. You can easily hire a professional teacher for $20 per hour.

Self-learning vs. Lessons

Now that you know all about the cost of language lessons, let’s know what is better: self-learning or lessons.

Even though there are many resources available, language classes are always more welcomed.

Why choose language classes over self-learning?

  • Learning a new language is a challenging task. One needs to practice steadily without giving up. If you take a language tutoring class, your trainer can effectively motivate you to address your doubt and fear.
  • By joining a language learning class, you can keep a metric of your progress. For any class, assessment is a prerequisite. At the end of each assessment, you will get to know your progress through the feedback given by your tutor.
  • Learning with a tutor is always a good choice as you can ask questions instantly and out doubts. This leads to conceptual learning making the basic structure of knowledge strong.
  • It is quite easy to hire a language trainer. Besides, there is an excellent possibility of learning from an expert.


How many lessons does it take to learn a language?

Although the time consumed for learning a new language depends on many aspects, it takes around three months to two years to be a fluent speaker.

How expensive is it to learn a language?

You can learn a language for free with the help of online resources. If you want expert assistance, it will cost around $5 – $40.

What are the benefits of learning a new language?

The benefits of learning a new language are manifold. Learning a new language opens up a world of opportunities for studies and careers. One gets an insight into many foreign lands’ cultures, history, and societal structures.

What is the best way to study a foreign language?

The best way to study a foreign language is to join a class. Some choose foreign language studies as a primary stream of education.

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At the End

How much the language lessons cost depends on your decision. The cost of the language lessons is relatively minimal. But remember to choose wisely because, more than money, you need to invest time and effort.

Evaluate your necessities and choose whatever you want. You can go for in-person classes, online classes, or a professional course.

Choose the best way to learn a foreign language and become an expert at the end of the course!

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