How to Play e7 on Guitar?

how to play e7 on guitar

A song is a result of many twists and turns. It’s a long process where melodies with mixed vibes resolves with a homely feeling.

This exactly happens with the beautiful e7 guitar chord when it freely settles to the A major.

The e7 is a simple and beginner-friendly chord. Basically, a comforting chord that you will find in various genres like rock, blues, jazz, and many more.

So, without further ado, let’s learn how to play e7 on guitar.

Notes in e7 chord

You need to know the E chord to understand the structure of e7.

Notes in e Chord: E, G#, and B

Add D note at the end to make it e7, also known as dominant seventh. Notice the difference it brings to the chord.

Notes in e7 Chord: E – G# – B – D.

What are Dominant Seventh Chords?

Dominant seventh chords are built on the 5th degree of the major or minor scales. The structure has a root note, major 3rd, perfect 5th, and minor 7th. Just add a minor seventh to a major triad to form a dominant 7th chord. Dominant chords have combined vibes of major and minor chords, making it sound magical.

How to Play e7 on Guitar?

The E7 chord is a combination of depth and simplicity. The more you experiment with it, the richer it sounds.

Standard e7 Guitar Chord

It’s an open position e7 chord. As I said, an effortless one.

  • Place your first finger (index) on the 3rd string(G) of the 1st fret.
  • On the 2nd fret, put the second finger (middle) on the 5th string (A).
  • Make sure you strum all the strings on the fret board while playing the chord.

Standard e7 Guitar Chord   

If you know the E chord, it’s a win-win for you. Holding the same E chord shape, remove only the 3rd finger (ring) from the 4th string (D). And here you get the e7 chord, as you can see in the chord diagram.

e7 chord diagram

e7 Barre Chord

Now, this can be a task! Look at the steps and diagram first.


  • Moving to the 7th fret, place all your fingers across all the strings.
  • Now on the 9th fret, put your 2nd finger (middle) on the 4th string (D).
  • Put your 3rd finger (ring) on the 2nd string (B) on the same fret.
  • Strum all the strings.

e7 Barre Chord   

I know learning barre chords is difficult for a beginner. So, initially, you can use a capo to understand how the chord sounds. But I recommend properly learning the barre chords rather than using a capo as a substitute.

Deciding the best possible way to practice guitar is your choice. But ensure you practice guitar chords, especially barre chords, along with finger exercises.

There are other variations available. Some of them will sound like the standard one, and the rest can be used as alternatives. You decide what to go with.

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Variations of e7 Guitar Chord

Variation 1

This variation creates lower to higher sounds. This sounds much darker than the standard e7 chord. This is an easy version to play e7.

Firstly hold the open E chord shape, and the pinky finger will bring the e7 flavor.

  • Index finger on the G string of 1st fret
  • The middle finger on the A string of 2nd fret
  • Ring finger on the D string of the same fret
  • Pinky finger on the B string of 3rd fret

e7 variation

I’m sure you would love this e7 guitar chord variation.

Variation 2

This is a complex yet the most loved e7 chord variation. The reason is its richness and elegance.

  • Place your index finger on the B string of the 5th fret
  • The middle finger on the D string of the 6th fret
  • Ring finger on the A string of 7th fret
  • Pinky finger on the G string of the same fret

e7 variation 2

Ta-da! Here we are with a handful of e7 guitar chord versions. Try these lovely-sounding versions, and let us know in the comments box how you like them.

Popular Songs With e7

  1. Folsom prison blues is a fantastic song that has elegantly used the e7 chord.
  2. I saw her standing there by the Beatles is another song with the opening e7 chord.


How many strings do I strum while playing a standard e7 guitar chord?   

You play all 6 strings while playing the e7 guitar chord, as the chord combines the low E, B, D, G#, B, and the high E notes, followed by strings.

How to play an e7 guitar chord using a capo?   

Follow these steps to play e7 using a capo.

  • Clamp a capo across all strings of the 7th fret
  • Place the middle finger on the D string of the 9th fret
  • Ring finger on the B string of the same fret

Play all the strings holding the chord.

What is the purpose of 7th chords?   

7th chords are used to regulate tension along and add softness with richness to a major triad. Here, tension means adding dynamics, melody, and harmony.

Should I learn guitar under a teacher’s guidance?   

Yes, I highly recommend learning under professional guidance. After all, a teacher directs you well to improve and get better. But if you want to learn guitar at home, you can try that as well.


Plenty of beautiful chords, like G7, C minor or G minor, originated from the set of notes. The e7 is one of those melodious chords, which is a blend of major 7th and minor 7th.

By now, you must have understood how accessible this chord is. What are you waiting for? Try this chord on the guitar, play and sing at the same time, and don’t forget to have fun!

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