Best AP Chemistry Books 

AP chemistry books

If AP chemistry were a religion, AP chemistry books would be its religious texts. Scoring a 5 in the AP chemistry exam is impossible without a good AP chem book.

But not all books are the best AP chem books, are they? How can you find out which book is perfect for helping you score 5 in your AP chemistry exam?

Here you get a detailed review of the top 5 AP chem books to help you prepare for your AP chemistry exam.

So, let’s get going!

Top 5 AP Chemistry Books [2023]

1. AP Chemistry Crash Course Book+ Online Material by Adrian Dingle

  • Publisher: Research and Education Association
  • Year of Revised Publication: 2023
  • Number of Pages: 288
  • Rating: 8/10

AP chemistry crash course book focuses intensely on all the essential concepts of AP chemistry. The reason why it’s called a crash course is because the book works as a last-minute prepper for your AP chem exam.

This is an AP chemistry review book. So if you want in-class assignments or more detailed information, you can buy another prep book for preparation.

According to Brian H, a high school student, Crash Course AP chemistry is the best review book if you’re looking for last-minute preparation.

Source: Quora


  • Good review guide for AP chemistry tests, with exam tips
  • Focuses only on what you need for the AP chem exam
  • To-the-point explanation of concepts
  • Synchronized with the latest AP chemistry curriculum


  • No Practice Materials
  • Cannot be replaced with an AP prep book

2. The AP Chemistry Prep by Princeton Review

  • Publisher: Princeton Review
  • Year of Revised Publication: 2023
  • Number of Pages: 544
  • Rating: 9/10

The AP Chemistry Prep by Princeton Review is one of the best AP chem prep books. This book is ideal if you want to survive your AP chem exam successfully.

The AP Chemistry Prep will fully prepare you with in-depth insight into AP chem units. And as this is a prep book, you will find various practice questions, practice tests, and a detailed study guide.

According to Dani Maydan, a college student, The Chemistry Prep book by Princeton review is an in-depth book with a thorough explanation of the course units.

Source: Quora


  • Up to date with the current year’s AP tests
  • Practice questions after every chapter ends
  • Updated Glossary for focused study
  • Several Practice tests for your better preparation
  • Lab procedure reviews and equipment


  • Covers only 6 out of 9 AP chemistry units

As preparing for your AP chem exam, knowing what to bring to the exam is essential.

So, read, “What to Bring to AP Exam” and never appear in your exam hall unorganized.

3. AP Chemistry Practice Questions by Sterling Test Prep

  • Publisher: Sterling Test Prep
  • Year of Revised Publication: 2021
  • Number of Pages: 496
  • Rating: 7/10

If you want to answer every AP question correctly, you need this book immediately. With over 900 MCQs, AP Chemistry Practice Questions by Sterling Test Prep is the ultimate study guide to survive the AP chemistry exam.

Source: (

The best part is this book offers you test-taking strategies and a self-study guide. So, if you have a review book to understand core concepts, this is the best AP chemistry prep book.


  • 100+ Practice questions to prepare you for your AP chemistry test
  • Money-back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied


  • Only MCQs, no review of course units
  • Latest version not published yet

4. Barron’s AP Chemistry Premium 2022-2023 by Neil D. Jespersen

  • Publisher: Barron’s
  • Year of Revised Publication: 2023
  • Number of Pages: 752
  • Rating: 8/10

Confused about which unit to focus on while you begin studying for the AP chemistry exam? Barron’s AP Chemistry Premium is what you need.

With multiple diagnostic tests, this book will help you find your weaker areas and work on them.

Moreover, AP Chemistry Premium offers effective reviews of all the course units in AP chemistry.

Barron’s AP Chemistry Premium is the best AP chem review book and will prepare you for a 5 score in AP chemistry.

According to Dani Maydan, Barron’s AP Chemistry Premium book offers concise reviews of the course units. And are thus the best alternative to AP Prep books by Princeton Review.

Source: (Quora)

Therefore, along with the rigorous practice, you can also revise the key points of AP chemistry the night before your exam.


  • Multiple full-length practice tests with answers and reviews
  • 3 diagnostic tests to find your weaker areas and bonus access to 3 online tests
  • Effective study tips to make each study session useful


  • Covers some unnecessary and outdated concepts of AP Chemistry

5 Steps to a 5 2023, by John T. Moore

  • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
  • Year of Revised Publication: 2023
  • Number of Pages: 848
  • Rating: 9.5/10

5 Steps to a 5: AP Chemistry, 2023 is designed for the new age education pattern. This book is excellent for reviewing course units, solving practice tests, and playing fun quizzes.

Moreover, you can also avail of this book in print, on your phone or tab, and online. That means you don’t have to carry heavy books for your classes. Hands down, 5 Steps to a 5: AP Chemistry 2023 is the best AP chemistry review book.

Source: (

5 Steps to a 5 also offers study tips to help you with the best approach for self-study sessions.


  • 4 full-length practice tests (2 on the print version, 2 online)
  • Exciting Flashcards and games
  • Analytics to find your weakest area
  • 5 step layout


  • Has some extra topics that are not there in the AP chemistry test

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Which is the Best AP Chemistry Book?

Every AP chemistry prep book has its perks and drawbacks. Therefore, it’s best to buy two books, one for practice and one for review, to score 5 in your AP chemistry exam.

However, please remember no AP chemistry books can help you pass unless you have the will to study and attend AP classes. Therefore, attend your AP chemistry classes and take your study sessions seriously.

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How can I pass my AP chemistry exam?

The only way to pass your AP chemistry exam is by attending your AP chemistry class and practicing what’s been taught in class. AP prep and review books are a great way to prepare for your AP exam.

Is the AP chemistry exam difficult?

AP chemistry exams are set to test your college-level knowledge. So, it will be tougher than your high school course. But if you pay attention in your class and practice and solve the prep question, your exam will be easier to crack.

What is the best AP chemistry book to prepare for my AP exam?

Every AP chemistry prep book is good as long as you have a basic knowledge of chemistry. However, it’s best to buy two books, one for prep and one for review, if you want to score a 5.

What does it mean to score a 5 on the AP chemistry exam?

Scoring a 5 in the AP chemistry exam means you have done exceptionally well. It will positively affect your GPA transcript and help you get into the best colleges in the USA.

What are the best sets of flashcards for AP chem prep?

Barron’s AP chemistry flashcards are best for AP chemistry prep. It will help you gain extensive knowledge in a fun way.

If I buy Princeton Review’s AP Chemistry book instead of Barron’s, will it affect my preparation?

No, it won’t hinder your practice. Both are extremely good books when it comes to preparation. You can buy any of these two books if you want to.

Can I study AP biology and AP chemistry together?

Yes, you can study AP bio and AP chem together. If you are interested in subjects that include both, then these two courses are suitable for you.

Will I learn about kinetics in AP chemistry?

Yes, you will study and learn about kinetics in AP chemistry. It is a part of physical chemistry and thus will be covered in your syllabus.

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AP Chemistry is a popular subject among young students. And several students’ college career depends on this subject. So, before taking AP chemistry classes, it’s best to know about every good book to make your study process easier.

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