EnthuZiastic January Newsletter

Here we are, in the month of February. Hope January treated you well and your 2023 started on a cheerful note. At EnthuZiastic, something is brewing in this new year. It’s too early to share but stay tuned for exciting additions. February, though a short month, it holds several significant events such as Groundhog Day… Continue reading EnthuZiastic January Newsletter

Chess Newsletter- December 

Phew, 2022 was a lot! Especially the Neimann-Carlsen cheating controversy! However, with new beginnings, we can only hope to look forward! And why should we not? The chess world is one such place which has innumerable championships and tournaments to keep our Chess EnthuZiasts entertained. So, without delaying and keeping you on your toes, let’s… Continue reading Chess Newsletter- December 

EnthuZiastic November Newsletter

There is plenty to appreciate and be joyful about the year’s eleventh month. November, the finest month of the year, arrives just after Halloween and before Christmas. November strikes the ideal balance between the two seasons. You can don your comfortable sweaters, fix your topknot, and indulge in anything pumpkin-flavored. Well, November has been amazing… Continue reading EnthuZiastic November Newsletter

Chess Newsletter- November

November is about being hopeful of a beginning. It’s cheerful and colorful, especially with blooming chrysanthemums, tulips, and dahlias. In a similar spirit, let’s investigate what’s happening in the chess world in November. I have tons to tell you, from the Senior Championship to World Rapid and Blitz Championship. I know you want to know… Continue reading Chess Newsletter- November

EnthuZiastic October Newsletter

October has such a gentle spirit with the autumn aura surrounding us. Taking a stroll in the park and hearing leaves crunch under your feet is an amazing experience. October brings the holidays to our doors, and we keep enjoying it till January, be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year. We all know what… Continue reading EnthuZiastic October Newsletter

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Chess News and Other Updates | October 2022

October is my favorite month of the year! It is one of the few autumn months that encourages you to unwind and rediscover your passion. October has been a significant month for chess enthusiasts and professionals, hosting note-worthy chess championships, such as the Fischer Random World Championship and U.S Chess Championship. Let’s see what’s happening… Continue reading Chess News and Other Updates | October 2022

September Chess Newsletter 

Whoa! What was this month! This September was definitely an unforgettable month for the chess community. For starters, we lived through one of the biggest cheating scandals in recent times. On top of that, the allegations came from the five times World Champion, Magnus Carlsen, involving a teenage Grandmaster. I know it’s too much, man!… Continue reading September Chess Newsletter