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October has such a gentle spirit with the autumn aura surrounding us. Taking a stroll in the park and hearing leaves crunch under your feet is an amazing experience.

October brings the holidays to our doors, and we keep enjoying it till January, be it Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year.

We all know what the holidays bring us.

Joy? Definitely.

Friends and family gatherings? You bet.

What else can be done with the extra time that we have?

I know that the holiday spirits dictate us to go easy on work, but you will eventually have to get into it.

Therefore, dear parents, make sure your kid completes all their homework. Encourage them to study those extra chapters taught in their class. Keep a few hours dedicated to studies and school activities.

My mother used to say that studying is an important aspect of student life. So, holiday or no holiday, it is crucial that you sit with your child and support them while they are trying to understand those complex theoretical subjects.

Plus, it will also be a great parent-child bonding opportunity.

October was special for more than one reason to us. Read on to know about it.

Why October was More Special?

October brought with it two very special festivals – Diwali and Halloween. And the birthday of our co-founder, mentor, friend, guide –  Ms. Vinti Maheshwari. We couldn’t do anything for Halloween but for the other two, we had a blast 🙂


Dipawali, famously called the ‘Festival of Lights’, is one of the most significant celebrations of the year. Diwali commemorates the victory of light over darkness, wisdom over ignorance, and goodness over evil.

diwali celebrations
Decked-up Work Station

On this auspicious occasion, the entire EnthuZiastic family met virtually, donning their traditional attire and looking graceful as always. The gentlemen decided to wear kurtas, while the ladies frequented silk, chiffon, velvet saris, or ankle-length skirts called lehengas, matching cholis, or Anarkali suits.

We gathered virtually to celebrate Diwali

The bindis and the jhumkas added more grace to their already existing beauty!

We came together to share our individual festival experiences amidst laughter and glee. We concluded this memorable day by lighting up our homes with diyas and gifting each other tokens of love.

Diwali Faral


At EnthuZiastic, we celebrate birthdays with all the pomp and joy it deserves.

This month’s most memorable birthday celebration was for Vinti Maheshwari, the COO, and co-founder of EnthuZiastic.

The entire EnthuZiastic family was super-excited to celebrate her special day, as we gathered at 5 P.M sharp to celebrate the cake-cutting session.

We sang. We laughed together. This day ended with her college friends and colleagues, Kanchan and Prachi, recounting the good old college-going days and unraveling her shenanigans.

We plan to continue our core tradition of celebration in November with below events and contests.

Upcoming Events and Contests

Events and contests at EnthuZiastic are as interesting as our classes.

Participate in the below events/contests happening in the month of November at EnthuZiastic. These are specially designed for kids in the age group 6-15.

Give your kids a chance to learn new things and showcase their talent through our events. Fun, learning time is guaranteed in our events.

Holiday Art and Craft Workshop

This holiday season, let your kids make some amazing crafts with our professional teachers.

art and craft workshop

Kids will make:

  • Theme-based Decor Item
  • Theme-based Greeting card
Holiday Theme Date
Thanksgiving Art and Craft Camp 19th and 20th November
Christmas Art and Craft Camp 17th December & 18th December
Christmas Art and Craft Camp 23rd and 24th December
New Year Art and Craft Camp 30 and 31st December


Enroll in Holiday Art and Craft Workshop

Music Contest

Enthu music contest

Music classes are just one thing that is happening at EnthuZiastic. We are hosting a music contest in November. How exciting!

Perks for participating in Enthu Music Contest:
First prize? worth $200
Second?– $100,
Third?– $50
$20 participation gift coupon codes!

☑️ Certificates will be provided for every contestant
☑️ Shout – out will be given to top three contestants on EnthuZiastic monthly Newsletter!

Enroll in Music Contest

While we wait for you to enroll in these events, we have got something for your kids. ?

Fun Time With Kids: Share These Riddles

Riddles are always the fun part of the newsletter, aren’t they?

Let not these riddles fool you because they may look easy on the front, but they will get your head scratching.

  1. What has to be broken before you can eat it?
  2. Kids love to make it. But no one can see it. What is it?
  3. I have four legs. I eat a lot of grass. I look like a horse. And I’m black and white. Who am I?
  4. It belongs to you, but other people use it more than you do. What is it?
  5. What has a head and a tail but without a body?


Courses at EnthuZiastic

EnthuZiastic is an ever-growing platform where we introduce new subjects monthly to meet the demand. The courses that we offer focus on the holistic development of the students.

Let’s look at our best-selling and the newer courses introduced in October.

Newly Launched Courses

This month, the newer courses added to our long list of existing courses mainly focus on technical learning.

For more information, visit the EnthuZiastic website to look for the subject that your kid wants to pursue.

Best Selling Courses

These subjects have a fan-fare amongst students. The credit goes to the specific course content that covers all the crucial topics and provides them with a step-by-step approach to understanding complex theories.

Our top 3 best-selling courses of October are:

  • Chess
  • Telegu

After-School Courses

Is your kid missing their forgotten hobbies due to the hustle culture?

Then take a look at our After-school Courses:

After-school courses are a great way to explore where your kid’s strength lies. Pursuing an interest, be it learning a new language or an instrument, will help them to unwind from the hectic school life.

EnthuZiastic Impact

EnthuZiastic is a platform that offers tailored learning programs, and it aims to make studying enjoyable. Time and again, this has helped in boosting the students’ test scores.

Let us see what our students and their parents say about us.

Learners Feedback

EnthuZiastic understands that students have different learning curves. This is what our students’ parents think about us.

“Shobhna always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. The lack of proper institutions in the vicinity stopped her from doing so. That was the time that I came to know about EnthuZiastic. My 10-year-old daughter has been learning for a year, and her progress is visible.”
“Even though I was skeptical about online piano classes and did not know whether my 13-year-old son would be able to learn piano entirely virtually, I am grateful that he started his first piano classes from EnthuZiastic. Learning piano looks daunting, but Sam knows all his basics at the end of two months here.”
“Tania could never speak confidently on the stage. But one of her friends’ mother recommended EnthuZiastic’s public speaking classes. After 3 months of rigorous coaching, my daughter is confident enough to partake in debate competitions at her school.”
“David always had a knack for learning Artificial Intelligence, but he needed to figure out where to start. EnthuZiastic’s seasoned teachers have motivated him to reach his full potential. I am happy to say that he loves the subject and direly waits for his classes every week.”
“I always wanted to learn chess, but YouTube videos did not help much. Since I had more time at my disposal during the pandemic, I enrolled in EnthuZiastics’ chess classes. I am thrilled with the personalized classes.”

Teachers’ Feedback

EnthuZiastic was a success with our teachers. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we listen to what they say about us.

“The EnthuZiastic team and my fellow teachers are very caring and compassionate. They are all ears and helpful whenever I am stuck with a problem.”
“EnthuZiastic has made my teaching experience as seamless as possible. I don’t feel that I am teaching online. It has been a great experience so far.”
“Teaching has been my passion, but I could not pursue it due to some personal circumstances. At EnthuZiastic, I got an opportunity to rekindle my passion, and I cannot be thankful enough for it.”

An Innovation From Future

Is this 2050 already?

Because what I am going to tell you next will blow your mind. I am talking about flying cars. But that is not the only good part. How about an electric flying car?

Cars that fly are becoming a thing.

The electric flying car XPENG X2 just completed a public flight during a gathering at the Dubai World Trade Center, according to China’s XPENG mobility technology company.

The zero-emission vehicle is a two-seated automobile that can go from the ground to the air using vertical lift-off and landing.

Did you know that the X2 can be operated manually or automatically and flies at low altitudes, making it ideal for the challenges of urban driving?

Heroes That Make Us Proud

Meet a teacher, a guru in the truest sense, Seema Parihar. The recipient of the top 100 Indian Women 2016 award, Mrs. Parihar has touched the lives of numerous underprivileged and special needs children and took it upon herself to provide them with a normal education, free of discrimination.

Hailing from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, she started her Suraj Niketan School and Training Centre in one room. Now it has turned into a full-fledged school that provides free education to society’s most needed and marginalized children.

She believes that every kid has a fundamental right to education regardless of their status.

We at EnthuZiastic, salute her for her relentless efforts and prowess.

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a holiday that emphasizes the importance of family, friends, love, being thankful, and, of course, delicious food.

So many people like the holiday because it doesn’t revolve around giving gifts or putting up flashy decorations. Instead, it’s about gathering with loved ones to have a delicious meal.
Here are some ways in which you can make your Thanksgiving experience a memorable one:
Thanksgiving Traditional Dishes
Thanksgiving DIY Art and Craft
Thanksgiving FREE Art and Craft Workshop

Wrapping It Up

May you all have an amazing time together with friends and family on Thanksgiving.

We thank you all for your constant participation, support, and encouragement. A heartfelt gratitude to our readers, without whom this journey would have remained a mere dream.

Hoping for a great November for you all!

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