Chess Updates | August 2022

The thrilling Candidates tournament ended in the first week of July. But, there’s hardly any post-Candidates gloom. The world of chess is as busy as it was before the Candidates. In fact, there’s too much going on to wrap your head around in a glance. So, here’s a quick view of the chess headlines of… Continue reading Chess Updates | August 2022

EnthuZiastic August 2022 Newsletter

Like the July Newsletter, we are all set to share what we have been up to in August at EnthuZiastic. August was filled with celebrations, activities, and award ceremonies. We introduced new courses, arranged some events, and are grateful to have a community that encourages support and growth. “The environment is nature’s gift that nourishes… Continue reading EnthuZiastic August 2022 Newsletter

EnthuZiastic July 2022 Newsletter

We are delighted to share what happened at EnthuZiastic in July. A lot of new things were introduced and many occasions were celebrated. EnthuZiastic is a community where we believe in support and growth. Like every month, we have launched many new courses, had contests, hosted many events, conducted 300+ classes, and felicitated our best… Continue reading EnthuZiastic July 2022 Newsletter

Chess Updates | July 2022

Be it the Candidates tournament coming to an end or a 16-year-old crossing 2700 ELO rating, July was quite a busy month for chess fans all over the world. With so much happening all around, it’s expected for you to miss one or two chess headlines. But, not at EnthuZiastic. Here, we bring to you… Continue reading Chess Updates | July 2022

FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022: Round-by-Round Updates

World’s best eight chess players are participating in the FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022. The winner of this tournament will play against the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen at the upcoming FIDE World Chess Championship in 2023. Let’s take a look at who stands where till round 9. Rank Name Score Rating 1 GM Ian Nepomniachtchi… Continue reading FIDE Candidates Tournament 2022: Round-by-Round Updates