Skoove Review: An Honest Feedback

skoove review

Skoove, an online learning platform, claims to be the most convenient way for beginners to learn piano. Indeed, online platforms are better than physical lessons in today’s world as it saves a lot of time.

But does that make Skoove the best platform to learn piano?

In this Skoove review, you will learn in detail about their piano lessons, pros, cons, and overall rating. Let’s go!

Skoove! An Overview

1. What is Skoove?

Skoove is a music app. And it helps you learn the piano by showing videos of people playing songs in correspondence to the sheet music.

Skoove also has a set of piano tutors you can contact for perfect piano learning.

Skoove was founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2014. They combine music learning science, audio technology, and machine learning to build a unique music tech space.

2. Features

Skoove makes basic piano lessons fun by bands to play along with while you practice. Moreover, Skoove has 441 courses for young pianists that cover all beginner techniques.

These 441 courses are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced songs that you play as you keep learning.

In addition, Skoove also has a section dedicated to chords and scales. Moreover, the app also has a section called “Keyboards for Producers” that helps you make music digitally.

Their first course has classics by Mozart that helps students understand basics like piano notations, rhythm, and posture. Posture is a fundamental skill that pianists need to learn as a beginner.

In most online piano classes, it’s difficult for piano teachers to help students learn the correct postures. But Skoove mentions proper posture for beginners and helps them learn it correctly.

3. Setting Up Skoove

Setting up the app on your phone or computer is effortless.

  • First, you have to install the application from App Store or Google Play or download it on your computer
  • Run it on your computer and sign up for the course
  • Select your preferred class and start learning

Pros of Skoove Piano Lessons

1. Lessons are Inexpensive

Skoove has two plans for beginners; free and premium. You get 25 piano lessons and unlimited practice time if you sign up for free.

While using the application for Skoove premium review, I found that students get 400+ piano lessons, monthly updated lessons, and one-on-one classes with instructors and special courses.

Skoove’s premium subscription list includes the following:

  • Per month subscription= US $29.99
  • 3 Months subscription= US $19.99 (per month)
  • 12 months’ subscription= US $12.49 (per month)

2. Personal Feedback

Skoove premium has smart sensors that listen while you play and help you improve yourself. And till now, this feature has helped over 1 million piano players improve their basic piano-playing skills.

According to Forbes, Skoove’s virtual guide offers learners constructive feedback and listens to every player, which traditional teachers can’t.

3. You Can Go at Your Flow

Traditional piano classes have planned lesson plans, and students, who can’t keep up with the lessons, stay behind others.

But Skoove has flexible lesson plans that help learners move at their flow. Learners can select lessons according to their convenience and make changes in language.

Moreover, Skoove has both theoretical and practical lesson plans, making it effortless for students to learn with auditory and visual cues.

Students can see and hear how they’re playing the piano, thus, making it easier for them to learn.

4. Smooth Interface

Skoove’s interface is neat and well-designed. So, new students can easily navigate through the app and find their desired plans and lessons.

Skoove’s interface is one of the smoothest interfaces out there. Thus, teachers and students highly recommend it.

Cons of Skoove’s Piano Lessons

1. Incomplete Sheet Music

Skoove does not let you see the entire music sheet at once. You have to skip around from line to line to learn the whole song.

Moreover, Skoove has excerpts of popular songs or simplified versions of those songs. This becomes problematic when learners want complex tutorials and shift to other applications.

Struggling to memorize your piano lessons?

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2. No originality

Skoove does not have any original pieces for learners to practice. All their songs are highlighted versions of the lessons students learn.

Therefore, students who want to learn or practice something innovative has to shift to other online classes for better learning.

3. Important theoretical concepts of Music are Missing

While using the application for authentic Skoove piano review, I found that it doesn’t include important music theories important for learning.

And even though beginners can skip these concepts, they are bombarded with these notes all at once when they move to advanced courses.

4. Can’t adjust lessons’ speed

All lessons have a preset speed that cannot be increased or decreased. So, you can’t grow or reduce the speed of the lessons according to your convenience.

Yes, you can contact Skoove instructors, who can help you overcome your difficulty. But having a teacher constantly to help you with your lessons is more convenient than reaching out to someone. It saves more time and energy.

5. No Metronome

Skoove doesn’t have a built-in metronome. So aligning an exterior metronome with the lessons is difficult.

Metronomes are essential for beginners to maintain rhythm and flow while playing. Therefore, not having a metronome makes it harder for students to learn piano.

An alternative to Skoove is EnthuZiastic’s Piano for Beginners classes. EnthuZiastic has the best line of piano instructors available to guide students one-on-one and help them strengthen their piano base.

An Honest Skoove Piano Lessons Review

Skoove is an exciting application that lets young minds learn and explore music in a whole new way. Learners can easily absorb the lessons as they are organized and divided according to their difficulty.

Learners won’t just play the notes, but they will also learn to interpret music and use skills to play other music. Moreover, with Skoove, students cannot buy a piano and can use the computer keyboard for the initial lessons.

That said, Skoove is only effective when students have an instructor guiding them properly. Skoove doesn’t offer various features like a metronome, complete notes of songs, and essential music theory. Thus, the practice sessions will always be haphazard, and the learning process won’t be compact.

It’s best to enroll in a piano class, where instructors can teach you a new piano note from scratch to strengthen your base. And use Skoove as a backup practicing application.

Moreover, the ideal age to use this app for lessons is 12 and above. Therefore, students will find Skoove complicated and overwhelming and have to seek pre-primary courses elsewhere.

Check out EnthuZiastic piano classes for a personalized piano learning experience.


Is Skoove a good music application?

Skoove is undoubtedly one of the best music applications. But Skoove is not a primary lesson-learning platform as it misses out on various music theories and piano notes. It’s best if you take piano lessons from a piano teacher to strengthen your base and then use this application to practice.

 Can I sign up for Skoove for free?

Yes, you can sign up for Skoove for free. Skoove has a free plan for learners, with 25 free lessons and unlimited practice time. You can use this practice time to practice your learned lessons.

Is Skoove a good investment?

If you want to become a pianist, then Skoove is a good investment. You can practice music through this app at any time of the day and work on your imperfections to make your playing better.

Will Skoove help me to learn about postures?

Yes, Skoove has unique features and will help you learn the correct posture for playing each composition. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about correcting your posture while playing piano for your teachers or instructors.

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Wrapping it Up

Skoove is an excellent application for young learners to practice and learn compositions of various genres and sub-genres.

But there are better resources for online piano lessons than Skoove. You can use it to practice vigorously and excel in your piano class, but it doesn’t make you knowledgeable.

Piano needs human touch and guidance for young learners to grow as a pianist. Therefore, it’s best to take piano lessons from a trained coach and use Skoove, as a secondary practice platform.

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