The 5 C’s of Communication: Key to Effective Communication 

5 c of Communication

Knowing the 5 c of Communication is like having a magic key. It will help you open any door you want; the door to a better career, leadership, and more.

Research says, effective communication help students learn and increase their discipline and sense of responsibility.

Now without further delay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of Communication and learn more about it.

Benefits of Knowing the 5cs of Communication

Knowing the 5cs of communication has several benefits. Research says, learning the 5cs will help you be inclusive in your workplace and become popular.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Take authority at workplaces
  •  Communicate with employees from different backgrounds and gain trust
  • Take ownership of your experience and tackle escalation through communication
  • Improve teamwork which will enhance the quality of work
  • Improve relationships with clients and generate substantial revenue
  • Fuel innovation by sharing ideas and promote active collaborations

Knowing 5 c of communication helps you with authority

The 5 c of Communication: Everything you Need to Know

Clarity, Conciseness, Confidence, Credibility, and Compelling are the 5cs of communication. Read on and learn how you can acquire these skills while you communicate.

1. Your Clarity

The 1st C of Communication is clarity of the purpose. Successful professionals always get their message across the table clearly.

To achieve clarity in communication

  • Keep a positive tone
  • Figure out why you want to have this Communication in the first place
  • Think about the situation without getting emotional
  • Minimize each point into one sentence
  • Don’t let others guess what you want to say; get to the point
  • Ensure your language is easy to understand

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2. Be Concise

Top management spend 50% of their time attending meetings. So, keeping the communication process concise is one of the biggest requirements in the professional world.

Concise Communication means presenting ideas in a few sentences without heavy jargon or redundant words.

To deliver your message in the most succinct manner, you should:

  • Never over-explain your point
  • Use examples and terminologies to explain your point
  • Know your audience before you start communicating
  • Never use filler words
  • Practice what you want to say

Games like Stand Up for Fillers and The Enigmatic Self, help keep your conversation concise. Play these games with your family and become a pro at Communication.

3. Confident Communication

The third C of Communication is confidence. A confident communicator clearly understands the matter and lets others know about the same through email or verbally.

To communicate confidently, you must:

  • Make eye contact while speaking
  • Think about what you want others to know
  • Learn from other successful professionals and speakers
  • Break your comfort zone
  • Ask a lot of questions and have faith in yourself

Games like Certificate of Accomplishments and Positive Affirmation Day will help you hone your communication skills.

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4. Your Credibility

Credibility is vital when it comes to Communication. Why would anyone listen if what you are saying is not believable? Credibility is linked inherently with your confidence and knowledge.

To bring credibility while speaking, you need to:

  • Hone your area of expertise
  • Acknowledge, if you don’t know something
  • Don’t exaggerate data and facts
  • Take accountability for your action

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5. Are You Compelling?

The 5th C of Communication is that you must be compelling as a communicator. You must know to compel your listeners to listen to you and take action based on your speech, email, or conversation.

To become a compelling speaker, you need to:

  • Stop memorizing your line and go with the flow
  • Practice where it’s noisy
  • Acknowledge your audience
  • Tell stories to your audience
  • Keep the communication process interesting

A game like Q&A with an Expert will help you learn make your speech compelling. You can play these games with your friends at social events to stay sharp and entertained.


I want to increase my communication skills; what can I do?

There are various things you can do to hone your communication skills. They include talking to a mirror, listening more and speaking less, and observing people and situations. However, you need to have self-confidence and know you can do it.

What can I do to increase my communication credibility?

Credibility is built over time. You need to be sincere and consistent while presenting your thoughts over mail or while verbally communicating with your colleagues and seniors. Your genuine actions and dedication will help you become a credible person.

Where do I need to showcase my communication skills?

You will need communication skills in every sphere of your life. From your educational institutes to workplace, everywhere you go, communication is the key to attaining success.

Is listening important in communication?

Listening is one of the most important parts of communication. When you listen to the people you communicate with, it becomes effortless to reach a reasonable solution. A good listener is considered a good communicator.

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Parting Thoughts

The burden of engagement lies with the presenter. But learning the 5 c of Communication makes job engagement easier, and you know what to do while communicating.

You will have your audience’s attention. And it will be easier for you to make your audience do what you want.

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