11 Reasons Why Public Speaking is Important

why is public speaking important

I will cut to the chase–why is public speaking important?

It’s important so that you don’t end up panting like Dwight Schrute from The Office while receiving an award. And, somebody like Michael Scott doesn’t end up screaming “good morning, Vietnam!” instead of you on the stage.

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Public speaking is super important, and I can’t emphasize it enough. From reciting a rhyme in preschool to delivering a presentation to a client, speaking skill is what you need.

So, let’s go through the benefits of public speaking to understand why we need it.

Why is Public Speaking Important | The Reasons Will Surprise You

1. For Unique Career Choices

unique career choices

Statistically, the most sought-after career options in 2020 are in the engineering and medical fields. The rest of the people, who aren’t going to these, are either in the accounting or IT sector. As a result, the competition in these industries is unimaginable.

If you’re someone who wants to break free of this monotonous trend, then there are many unique options for you. Here, swoops in the importance of public speaking.

If you have good communication skills and can manage to talk in front of an audience, the options literally multiply. From being a receptionist to a podcast host, you can try your hands in these unique professions confidently.

Career options for an excellent public speaker are radio jockey, news anchor, reality TV show host, comedy show host, public speaking coaches, documentary narrator, storyteller, YouTuber, tour guide, ted talk speaker, public relations, Instagram influencer, etc.

2. To Succeed in Office

to succeed in office

Let me ask you one question, would you rather take a sick day than give a presentation?

If you’re answering yes, then please know that you aren’t alone. In fact, 77% of the world’s population go through the same anxiety as you when asked to speak on stage. But is shying away from opportunities going to help you? Nope.

According to a Forbes article, 70% of America’s working individuals think presentation skills are a MUST to gain recognition at work. And, obviously, presentation skills don’t mean your PPT-making skills but how you deliver your data/content in front of the whole office.

So this is why public speaking is so important in the workplace–it’s the only way to ace every presentation.

3. To Get into a University

public speaking is important to get into a university

Higher education is always such a big deal. Students may not be aiming for the IVY league colleges, but they will still need good speaking skills to become college graduates.


The interviews, duh! Many university applicants think whatever they did in high school should stay in the past. Well, those guys are horribly wrong. Those debate club prizes may sound dumb to you, but you still need conversational skills to make them sound super bright.

The only road to higher education is by explaining your school-life achievements with golden words and confident body language. This is where the need for public speaking skills comes in.

4. To Launch a Start-Up

public speaking is important to launch a start up

Ask your dad for a penny without any proper explanation; I guarantee he would refuse. Now, think about the investment one needs for a start-up. Big bucks, isn’t it?

One needs to talk to hundreds of investors before finding finance for launching their business. Imagine all those presentations and pitches for someone who hesitates to speak in public.

Mission impossible indeed!

This is why every entrepreneur needs public speaking skills to launch a start-up. It will teach them persuasive speaking.

5. To Run a Business | Team Management

to run a business public speaking is important skill

Starting a business, even the finance-hunting part, takes max to max only a couple of years. What do you do after that?

You hire people and then run the business. It definitely sounds simple but is it?

To manage your subordinates, communicate with clients and coworkers, and go through day-to-day tasks in your business, you need to master public speaking.

Good conversational skills also enhance your leadership skills, which is primary for business owners to run a successful company. Therefore, business owners must excel in public speaking skills.

6. To Ace Interviews

good communication skills are needed to ace interviews

I had my first interview when enrolling in middle school. The questions were basic and suitable for my age. But, god, I know what I went through! I was very close to peeing myself.

Yeah, my point is interviews are something that follows you like a ghost. From your school presentations to talking to the media (in case you become a celebrity or you get robbed), you will need these skills.

If you’re scared of speaking in public, honestly, you’re doomed. You and I and everybody else need commendable speaking skills to sail through life.

If you are struggling with glossophobia, I suggest you take public speaking classes at EnthuZiastic. These are super affordable and suitable for every age group.

7. To Actively Participate at School

Many parents often blame their kids for underperforming at school. Sometimes, the reason is nothing other than glossophobia or speech anxiety, or public speaking anxiety.

Students with speech anxiety tend to shy away from participating in school activities. As a result, it impacts their critical thinking and leadership skills.

Therefore, aware parents encourage kids to practice public speaking skills and gradually overcome speech anxiety.

8. To Build Confidence

build confidence

Confidence is something that can change everything about you and your life. Be it career selection or body image issues, being confident can change it all.

And, what is the best way to build confidence other than speaking in public? Performing regularly on stage or in public can provide personal satisfaction, which in the long run makes you a confident individual.

Besides critical thinking skills, public speaking can also boost confidence amongst kids and young adults, eventually impacting your decision-making skills.

9. For Better Personal and Professional Relationships

for better personal relationship

Growing up, we often heard that communication is the key to relationships. Now that I am an adult involved in “adult” relationships, I can’t agree with it more.

Here, by relationship, I meant every type of relationship. Be it bonding between you and your sibling or you and your boss. If you think about it, it’s kind of obvious that communication is the key.

For starters, communication keeps misunderstandings at bay, helping people understand each other’s expectations and demands.

So, if you want to maintain healthy professional and personal relationships, public speaking is the key. Don’t forget that being a good speaker includes being a good listener.

10. To Maintain Mental Peace

Mental health is something that our society has just begun to talk about. Now, people finally understand that, unlike your physical health, paracetamol can’t ensure the fitness of your mind.

It takes daily care and effort. If you can communicate clearly about your boundaries and issues to people at work or home, things can improve drastically.

Besides your personal development, good conversational skills can improve your mental health. This is another benefit of public speaking.

11. To Improve Social Life

public speaking for social life

Earlier, I talked about why public speaking is important for personal and professional relationships. Now, let’s take a look at how communication skills can impact your social relationships.

Your relationship with your neighbor, mailman, and relatives impacts your life directly and indirectly. Think hard; your happiness also depends on what these people think about you in your everyday life.

A great public speaker is capable of building healthy relationships in society. Moreover, they can also maintain the necessary distance without hampering their social relationships. You may wonder how.

The answer is–good communication skills. That’s all one needs to be a social individual without compromising with their mental health.


What are three reasons why public speaking is important?

Public speaking improves personal relationships, provides professional recognition, and helps maintain a good social life. These are the three primary reasons why public speaking is an essential skill.

Why is public speaking important for students?

Public speaking boosts personality development amongst students. It teaches them to become effective public speaker, which in turn makes them confident, opinionated individuals.

Why is it important to speak with confidence?

A confident speaker can persuade a group of people to agree with them. This persuasive skill helps individuals to gain professional success in time.


Dear readers, the above 11 reasons may not be enough if you don’t take them seriously. I recommend shy and under-confident people to take up public speaking courses if necessary, but still, try to become confident speakers.

These courses will train you to speak in front of a crowd and win them over, even if it’s a large audience.

Trust me; it will not only help you with a successful career but also improve the quality of your life.

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