EnthuZiastic Summer Camp: Make Your Summer Cool with Nature Theme Week

EnthuZiastic is an online learning platform and collaborative community to learn, teach, share, and help grow each other. It is all inclusive; meant for learners of all ages, gender, profession, faith, and nationality.

This time EnthuZiastic is standing out for its insightful, innovative, cool, and fun-filled 8-weeks theme-based Summer Camp. It is dedicated to making you learn, share and collaborate with like-minded enthusiasts from the comfort and cool recluse of your home. Beat the heatwave with EnthuZiastic Summer Camp!

EnthuZiastic Summer Camp 2021

EnthuZiastic has its own hallmark of Enthusiasm. So, the moment EnthuZiastic sensed the rise in temperature and a fall in the spirit, it takes the onus to boost, vitalize, and freshen you up by this whole air and feel of Summer Camp.

Here the summer hides away and the breeze of glee and happy surprises await you as you realize that you are capable of many more events, adventures, and life lessons and that too from your home, so no worry about the hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Stock your smoothie beside you and get to know what being part of EnthuZiastic Summer Camp 2021 is going to be like!

nature theme summer camp at Enthu
Make Your Summer Cool With Nature Theme Week

Nature Theme Week-

The upcoming week, EnthuZiastic is going to start with its Nature theme week, from July 12th to July 16th. This week too, like other previous theme-based five weeks is going to be fun and lessons in the same cup.

Why we need Nature Theme Week : When we hear the word nature, it rings a bell of the sky, mountain, rivers, trees, and so many things. But all these years we have been a little selfish, exploiting natural resources and hardly have given a thought to do something in return, to express that we are grateful.

Aim: This Nature Theme Week Summer Camp is aimed to make participants aware of the nature bounties we have been using since we exist here on the earth and to learn how to appreciate and take care of nature in return so that it can sustain us for the coming generations.

Schedule & Activities: The camp has indeed a lot to offer. Each day starts with the introduction show and tell, followed by an interactive session on life skills and Vedic Gyan by an expert and life coach. Next comes let’s show some moves and have fun with dance and games events. You get a break for the next 45 minutes.

You will be welcomed back again with an interesting art & craft session where you will treasure nature turned into some aesthetic piece.

Enjoy your Lunch and join again having  fun activity like science experiments, origami, magic tricks, LEGOS, Scavenger, and so on. This week Nature Theme leads you to a more aware observation of the nature around you; the little things which are just right in front of you and will fill you with awe and good vibes to know how actually these little things work! Dare to know, won’t you?

After all these events the day and session end with a taste lingering on your buds because EnthuZiastic wraps it up with a cooking session, you heard it right! Get a taste of the fruits of Nature with EnthuZiastic.

Benefits: There is this Italian proverb saying Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his lifetime.

EnthuZiastic through this Nature theme week intends to make you a nature-buddy. This is not going to be a weekly affair. The summer camp will lead you to cultivate this habit of nature care as your lifestyle.

The expected takeaway from this Nature Theme week is to make you conscious of the nature around you. You learn the importance of being eco-friendly in your day-to-day choices. You value sustainability. You grow kind to the fellow beings. You learn how to share, how to take only much as you need, and how not to waste but conserve and save.

A Recap & Report

The EnthuZiastic Summer Camp 2021 curates and presents 8 weeks of the theme-based world and its learning to the participants.

The first week was themed around Indian Culture and took place from the 7th of June to the 11th of June. It was a huge hit because what could be better than to take a cultural trip to the Indian subcontinent and open yourself to a bit of all there is to experience!

The second week was Robotics themed and it was so fulfilling to see all the kids designing their motor toy cars, bubble machine, and making these cautious and curious entries into the machine world.

The third week revolved around Galaxy and you cannot tell in words what feeling it was to be a planet or heavenly body of your choice and be able to talk to any star or planet or galaxy in the Universe! It was so cool!

The fourth week was Mad Science week and kids loved taking part in solution-oriented activities and experiments. The week nurtured curiosity and prepared the kids to approach real-life situations systematically.

EnthuZiastic hosted its fifth week around Disney theme recently where kids experienced the other world of their fairy tales and met their favorite characters and got reason to believe more ardently in magic. EnthuZiastic felt the happiness right in the heart.

An Inside Peek Into Robotics Theme- Week 2

Nature Theme Week Registrations are Open

EnthuZiastic is all set to launch its sixth week, themed around Nature and the Summer Camps are opportunities to be curious, creative, adventurous. It facilitates developing that self-confidence that makes your kids believe in their every big dream that “I can do it.”

*The Summer Camp sessions are live, interactive, having fun, and lively ambience.

*The instructors are recommended, professional, patient, and dedicated to deliver  the knowledge and skills.

*The small groups with limited batch sizes make it possible for Instructors and    kids to have a personalized rapport with each other.

*There is enough space for each kid to ask queries and get them clarified with        individualized attention.

*The curriculum and activities are meticulously drafted to enhance team spirit and   problem-solving approach in kids.

*Materials required and ingredients lists will be emailed after registration.

*The instructor will provide real-time feedback.

*EnthuZiastic awards the participants with a Participation Certificate.

*Participants will also get an opportunity to join EnthuZiastic Celebrations,    events, and can win a chance to even host the event!


You have not missed all! EnthuZiastic Summer Camp experience is still yours for the upcoming three weeks themed around Nature, Superheroes, Circus respectively. Choose the theme week which suits your kids’ liking and interest.

Register here to any theme week upcoming of your choice.


Bring your friend or sibling and get a 10% discount.

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