EnthuZiastic Superhero Theme Summer Camp: An Attempt to Awaken Human Heroes in Kids

superhero theme summer camp at Enthu
EnthuZiastic brings superheroes closer to us and lives

Greetings! EnthuZiastic hopes to find you all in good health! Kudos to all the courage and hopes within us or that we found in the friends, family, and in any other thing in the world outside which kept us going; engaged, and interested in the world. Well! EnthuZiastic is dedicated and hard at planning its own share to keep the community and EnthuZiasts rooted in their creative, imaginative, and optimistic spirit because EnthuZiastic again is super excited to launch and host Summer Camp Superhero Theme Week 7 from July 19th to 23rd.

Superhero is such a vivid and varied genre or theme that its believers, fans, and celebrators form a heterogenous sect. What binds them together is their belief in their hero. Again it’s interesting to note that the superhero tradition has this narrative in the mainstream from long back that there is this fight between Good and Evil. The Good has the superpower to save and protect the people and world from Evil and it’s the Good which comes out victorious and glorious in the end. There always existed a clear dichotomy and binary to take sides with!

EnthuZiastic Superhero Theme Summer Camp appropriates this superhero tradition to the level of humanity that we are! It has approached the theme with a moral lens. It emphasizes the human luxury to acknowledge, reason, and choose. As the modern superheroes are not flawless, and they have their strength and their weaknesses, it is by conscious choice that the superhero takes a side with Good or Evil. This central idea of the acknowledgment of coexistence of Good and Evil both in a being; to have an opportunity to realize the mistake and strive to rectify those mistakes makes this Superhero Theme Camp closer to human, closer to the vision of EnthuZiastic.

Remember the dream stone in The Wonder Woman 1984? Both Diana and Barbara wish upon it and even their wishes come true, but it comes at a cost- Diana loses her superpower while Barbara gets robbed of her humanity. This conflict of power and humanity is so relevant and contemporary for our age that EnthuZiastic thought it befitting to pose this question to the becoming minds, kids in such a manner that they get acquainted with the upcoming choices they need to make and this Superhero Theme is all about this.


The Superhero Theme Week, like all the previous theme weeks, takes place for 5 hours a day from 19th to 23rd of July. The day starts at 8:45 am with a 15-minute warm welcome and introduction- Show and tell where the participants get to know about the activities of the day; followed by life skills and Vedic Gyan by an expert teacher. The teachings strengthen kids’ core human values and equip them with the practical knowledge which leads them to the path of being a better version of themselves. This particular session is so hit with the kids and parents as the kids get to know what it takes to grow up.

These sessions bring confidence and ease to the kids along with the general excitement of growing up among kids. They understand the importance of the right decision. They learn that decision-making is a great responsibility but human values and moral uprightness make this process so easier. They are exposed to the path of mental and emotional strengthening by getting this revelation that humanity itself is a power that needs to be invoked at every step of our lives.

The day in the camp proceeds with a focus on physical strengthening by the next activity, Yoga & Games. Kids in a group and friendly environment let go of their hesitation and do not shy away to shake a leg, move their hands, and rotate their waist. The head-to-toe exercises, combined with asanas and pranayama and mindful breathing make kids understand the complete and holistic idea of health- physical, mental, and emotional; all three aspects parallel to mind, body, and soul are taken care of.

Next comes the session to call out your creative kid inside you. Kids will be introduced to the superheroes here and they will have the power to imagine, shape, and make their heroes. Exactly! The EnthuZiastic instructors will be joining the kids and they will have super fun making superheroes; existing or even brand new superheroes, and associated crafts with the mundane items. Let your imagination and creative power make you feel like more than a Superhero! You are the Creator there.

Have a break at a leisure pace for 45 mins and the Superhero Theme camp will welcome you again with a fun-filled session of games. You relax and learn teamwork, how to respect your fellows, how to remain cordial, and then comes the surprise activity at the end of the day- Fireless superfoods cooking. This activity is a perfect event for the kids in the camp as it is totally safe, for your kids are not dealing around or with fire, and they are rewarded with a sense of awe and glee feeling- I cook that! Imagine the happiness.

superheros cooking camp at Enthu
Master the human skill and you are a Hero ALREADY!

All the events are curated with a considerate outlook for kids. EnthuZiastic aims for kids to understand the cultural meanings, and values all the superheroes carry. It intends this Superhero Theme Camp’s takeaway to be that- Being Human, and implementing the human values in our lives are the real messages that our superheroes have been trying to send across.

Superheroes Theme Week Registrations are Open

EnthuZiastic is all set to launch its seventh week, themed around Superheroes and the Summer Camps are opportunities to be curious, creative, adventurous. It facilitates developing that self-confidence that makes your kids believe in their every big dream that “I can do it.”

*The Summer Camp sessions are live, interactive, having fun, and lively ambiance.

*The instructors are recommended, professional, patient, and dedicated to delivering the knowledge and skills.

*The small groups with limited batch sizes make it possible for Instructors and kids to have a personalized rapport with each other.

*There is enough space for each kid to ask queries and get them clarified with individualized attention.

*The curriculum and activities are meticulously drafted to enhance team spirit and problem-solving approach in kids.

*Materials required and ingredients lists will be emailed after registration.

*The instructor will provide real-time feedback.

*EnthuZiastic awards the participants with a Participation Certificate.

*Participants will also get an opportunity to join EnthuZiastic Celebrations,  events, and can win a chance to even host the event!


You have not missed all! EnthuZiastic Summer Camp experience is still yours for the upcoming two weeks themed around Superheroes, Circus respectively. Choose the theme week which suits your kids’ liking and interest.

Register here for any theme week upcoming of your choice.


Bring your friend or sibling and get a 10% discount.

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Call or message at +1-408-442-4209

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Nature Theme Week: A Report

EnthuZiastic thanks to all the participants who joined the Nature Theme Week and made it a success. It was a sheer delight to host the week. The enthusiasm, zeal, curiosity, and that strong will to learn, share and care are some of the rewards which EnthuZiastic has received from the participants. Gratitude for believing in EnthuZiastic and joining this beautiful Journey. Look Yourself what and how we treasured the possible essence of Nature.

Making the summer cool with EnthuZiastic Nature Theme WEEK-6

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