What is the Right Age to Start Learning Abacus?

abacus age to start learning

Raise a hand if you ever guiltily wished your child was a prodigy?

I know, we all did! Sometimes it’s the spelling bee competition, and sometimes, it’s the local art fest; there are moments when you wish your child was a born Einstein.

Math is every parent’s favorite subject to push on their kids. In fact, its their biggest fear that is why they move from one math class to another.

But you wouldn’t have to if you give your child a solid foundation of abacus. Now you must be wondering about its benefits and the right age to learn abacus.

Wondering what are the benefits of Abacus?

Find out how abacus impacts growth and learning.

Stay here with me to find out the right age to start learning abacus.

Why Should I Know the Right Abacus Age?

Well, let’s begin by acknowledging we are cool parents. We definitely don’t want our children to sacrifice their childhood to be smart kids.

But…but…we also don’t want our little ones to lag behind. Come on, have you heard about the benefits of learning abacus

Receiving abacus training at the right age enhances cognitive development in children.

It means my child is more likely to be a critical thinker. In other words, if I begin abacus training at the right age, my little one has a better chance to become… let’s think…um…an artist, a philosopher, or a scientist, or probably even an inventor.

And, do you know how? 

According to several studies, creative thinking abilities are directly related to cognitive development.  

Well, now, I guess nobody would want their kids to be late at joining abacus classes. So, before taking another second of your time, let’s dive in.

When Should I Begin Abacus Learning?

The wise poet, Suzi Kassem, said, “You are never too old to learn something new, or too young to learn too much.”

Before I tell you the right age, I have a few questions.

Are you thinking about taking abacus lessons for yourself? Or is it your 14-year-old son who decided to begin the training

Or do you want to know about abacus for toddlers? 

Whoa! Let’s take a step back from all the questions and say it out loud: better late than never. 

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Go ahead, and enroll yourself today. Trust me; it’s fun. Besides learning new mathematical tips and tricks, you will also enjoy it a lot.

man concentrating on abacus

However, if you ask for kids, the right age to learn abacus is 4 to 14. Now, you might be wondering why exactly 4 to 14?

Most abacus teaching organizations, both offline and online, provide courses at different abacus levels. They provide approx. 10 different levels ranging between abacus for beginners classes and advanced abacus.

The beginners’ courses always prefer 4-year-olds. Why? Because 4 and 5-year-olds know the basic 1 to 100 counting, which helps the instructors to teach using the counting frame.

Abacus is the stepping stone to learning mental math

First, the students learn how to do basic math operations on the abacus using the colorful beads. Then, gradually, they learn to picture the beads in their minds.

If you are thinking about how that’s possible with 5-year-olds, then you are right. Yep, it’s tough, and it takes a different level of patience and practice to do that.

Therefore, young kids are the best candidates for learning the tips and tricks of the abacus. Why so? Because unlike you, your little one has the time to play with the calculating toy.

Now, let’s talk about the maximum age that most abacus coaching institutes prefer for advanced level courses–14-year-olds.

Find out about the Rods & Beads in an Abacus

Read What is Abacus to find out.

Did you know that you can extract square roots and cube roots on an abacus?

Yup, you read it right. Learning to solve basic math problems, such as multiplication and division, on the counting frame provides a strong foundation for individual mathematical skills. 

It not only helps you calculate faster, but you will also be able to work with bigger numbers. Now, you must be thinking, how big? 

Well, an average abacus practitioner knows how to deal with 3 digits…maybe up to 4 digit numbers. But, hey, there are also young kids who simply close their eyes, twitch their fingers, and solve problems involving 5 to 6 digit numbers.

I know, it’s unbelievable! But it’s only a matter of practice.

So, 13 and 14-year-olds are the perfect candidates for advanced abacus because that involves solving square and cube roots and bigger numbers.

Also, kids begin to worry about SAT at this age.

Learning mental abacus helps students a lot for SAT and similar competitive exams.

Overall, according to offline and online abacus classes, the appropriate age to begin your abacus courses is between 4 to 14 years. However, I will suggest something different.

Wondering how to do Addition on Rekenrek?

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What is the Perfect Age for Kids to Start Using an Abacus?

Although everybody says it’s suitable to begin when your child is between 4 to 14 years, I choose to disagree with them. Hold on! Hear me out. 

You can wait and enroll your kid for abacus courses when they are 4-year-olds. But, who said a child could start using an abacus only with a tutor? 

I think it’s best if you introduce your kid to an abacus when they are younger than the expected age.

The perfect age to start using an abacus is 1 to 3 years.

child using abacus

Why Should Your Child Begin Using the Abacus Between 1 to 3 Years of Age?

Are you wondering is abacus any good for your child ?

Let me tell you, one-year-olds love the counting frame. It’s colorful, and on top of that, it’s the size of a toy. Trust me; your little one would love to play with the colorful beads.

Abacus is the Perfect Method to Learn Numbers.

When a child is between 1 and 3 years old, most of us, as parents, start to introduce them to alphabets and numbers. First, we teach them 1 to 10, and gradually, we reach 100.

And, you know what? The beads are the best for teaching numbers.

To begin with, I suggest you introduce the device as a toy. Let them get familiar with the abacus.

Once they are comfortable with the counting device, begin by sliding all the beads to the right. Next, slide one bead on each row towards the left. Now, teach 1…2…3…and so on.

But, dear readers, this method is only for teaching 1 to 10.

Wondering how to use an Abacus?

Get this step-by-step guide to teach math operations at home.

Using Abacus Enhances Brain Development 

Fun fact: 90% of young kids use only the brain’s left hemisphere.

When I heard this information for the first time, like most people, I thought, so what? Nothing strange, right? 

Well, don’t worry, it’s definitely not strange. After all, the left brain is responsible for learning new information and processing it. It helps kids to learn new languages and adapt to the world.

However, the brain’s right hemisphere enhances spatial orientation and emotional intelligence. In other words, a right-brained child is more likely to think rationally and respond with creative ideas. 

But, what does it have to do with an abacus?

When you introduce your little one to an abacus at an early age, they will learn to use the device in their playtime.

As a result, they will most likely use both hands to move the beads because it’s still a toy for them. The amazing fact is that eventually, it will turn into a very productive habit. 

When kids use both hands while learning the abacus, both the left and right hemispheres of the brain stimulate to develop faster than usual.

In other words, if you let your child use the abacus early, they will grow up with better emotional intelligence and creative skills.

The Roots of Abacus go as back as in 27th BCE

Want to know more? Read the History of Abacus to find out.


How long does it take to learn the abacus?

If you take a full-time course, it takes around five to six months to learn using the abacus. But if you learn only on the weekends, it will take around two years to wrap up with a complete course.

Which abacus is best for kids?

Modern abacus with colorful beads and ten horizontal rods for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and primary kids. If you think about older kids and grown-ups, the Chinese abacus is a good idea.

Is abacus good for kids?

Yes, using an abacus is good for kids. It helps in cognitive development, boosts confidence in mathematics, and helps calculate mentally way faster than other tricks.

How do I teach my 2-year-old?

Use the modern abacus to teach numbers to your 2-year-old. Try sliding all the beads towards the right and then place one bead on each rod and ask them to count.

learn abacus

Learn Abacus From Expert Teachers

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Dear reader, if you are thinking of beginning the abacus journey with the help of an instructor/tutor, then it’s best to begin with, 4 to 14 years of age.

However, if you are reading this and you are a parent, I think it’s best for your child if you begin as soon as you can. (Obviously, not before the little one is a toddler and playing with their toys.) But, if you have already surpassed that age, don’t worry. You can learn abacus as an adult as well!

If you are looking for abacus classes, EnthuZiastic is the best place to start.

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