An EnthuZiastic Outlook on Father’s Day: The Weekly Peek

A shout-Out to all the father figures out there. Happy Father’s Day!

The three major magic words are not new for us. And we know how easy our lives and living can be by the mere usage of Sorry, Thank You, and Please. In addition to this day-to-day incorporation of healthy habits, some occasions need a strong acknowledgment and loud celebration because we often tend to forget to say Thank You to our loved ones around us, isn’t it?

We at EnthuZiastic are all set to say a hearty Thank You to the father figures in our lives. Yes! You heard it right.

Father Figures. So, it does not necessarily have to be the father. We extend our gratitude to the person in our lives who always stood rock solid when we doubted ourselves, supported us when we wanted to give up, and had a firm belief in us and our dreams! For us, the word ‘father’ breaks its conventional biological meaning and we believe he is someone who just assures us with his mere being there that we are not alone in this and someone has always got our back and is looking over us.

So bring your father figures to celebrate this day with us and EnthuZiastic and we on your behalf will be gifting them 4 free sessions to any EnthuZiastic course of their choice!

EnthuZiastic Father’s Day Celebration comprises of the following events-

Introduction to Father’s Day, Scavenger hunt, games (5:30 pm – 6:00 pm)

Craft Session: Father’s Day themed craft session by Varun (6:00 pm to 6:30 pm)

Guest Speaker: Aminesh Chauhan (6:30 pm to 7:00 pm)

Material required for craft session- 1 sheet of construction paper

And we truly hope that this celebration adds to the moments you cherish with your father. Say out it loud with EnthuZiastic, Happy Father’s Day! Join us in the celebration by registering here.

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