Are AP Exams Hard?  

Worrying, “Are AP exams hard?” won’t make things easier. According to the Best Colleges, students consider AP Physics 1 the hardest AP subject. And a series of names follow AP Physics 1 in this list. But just because it’s hard doesn’t mean studying for AP is impossible. You must learn those subjects clearly and know… Continue reading Are AP Exams Hard?  

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Is AP Physics Hard? 

Is AP Physics hard? As a high school science student, this question will linger in your mind. And your concern is genuine, as only a few students have scored 5 in AP physics 1 and fewer in AP physics 2. Researchers have also found that only 6 to 32% students gain positive experience after taking… Continue reading Is AP Physics Hard? 

AP Physics 1 vs 2: Understanding the Differences and Similarities 

As the admission season approaches again, multiple students are confused between subjects with similar names. For example, AP Physics 1 vs 2. AP physics is divided into 4 different courses and, students often don’t understand how they are different, as all are algebra-based. They usually get confused about which subject to choose first to start… Continue reading AP Physics 1 vs 2: Understanding the Differences and Similarities 

What To Bring To AP Exam? 

What to bring to AP exam? It’s a crucial last-minute question every student asks. And I know that the night before the AP exam is always tense for you. You have to revise your notes, eat early and get a good night’s sleep. At such times having to worry about what supplies and other documents… Continue reading What To Bring To AP Exam? 

What are the Hardest AP Classes? 

Yes, AP classes are undoubtedly hard. AP exams have several choice questions, such as multiple-choice and free-response. And, each question requires a different strategy altogether. If you have already decided to enroll in AP classes in high school, then you should acquaint yourself with their difficulty level. Doing so will give you an idea of… Continue reading What are the Hardest AP Classes? 

Is AP Harder Than College?

If you are in high school and anxious about whether AP is harder than college, this read is for you. There is no denying the fact that your GPA, dual enrollment courses, and AP scores measure your academic strength. Your academic rigor makes it easy for college admission officers to determine whether your performance would… Continue reading Is AP Harder Than College?

Is AP Chemistry Harder Than AP Biology? 

“Is AP chem harder than AP bio?” Students ask this question during admission season. AP scores are essential for high school students to get into their preferred college. Hence it’s natural for students to choose subjects that will help them secure the top score. You should choose the subject after considering few factors including your… Continue reading Is AP Chemistry Harder Than AP Biology?