EnthuZiastic September Newsletter

september at enthuziastic

Hi! Hope you are doing well and September has been a swell month for you!

Before we update you with happenings at EnthuZiastic, wanted to make sure you are following physical activities to maintain your fitness. We are only 3 months away from new year and this is, unfortunately, the most favorable time to slip on fitness.

Yes, we all have been guilty of that!

Do not let Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas ruin your health. Keep up with exercise and meditation for balanced health. And keep a check on your diet. Eat healthy. Stay healthy.

We started September with Teacher’s Day celebration. We could not have asked for a better start as,

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा ग्रुरुर्विष्णुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः।

गुरुः साक्षात् परं ब्रह्म तस्मै श्री गुरवे नमः।।

Teacher’s Day Celebration

teacher's day celebration

Having a teacher to guide you on the right path is a blessing. A teacher not only educates with academics but also teaches morals of life and pushes to create a better version of you as a human being.

Your companion, friend, or colleague, anybody can be your teacher. To celebrate and respect this fellowship, we celebrated Teacher’s day virtually.

EnthuZiastic kids had put up a show for their favorite teachers. All the learners expressed gratitude to the teachers. Teachers also shared their teaching experiences and funny stories from the class.

EnthuZiastic salutes all the teachers for their huge contribution to successfully growing the Enthu community.

Fun Time for Kids: Share these Riddles

Let your kids unwind and have some fun with these riddles:

  1. I have a face and 2 hands, but no arms or legs. Who am I?
  2. I have 88 keys, but none of them can open a door. Who am I?
  3. What starts with P, ends on E, and has tons of letters?
  4. You need to break me before using me. Who am I?
  5. I’m a king and a common measuring device. Who am I?

Environment-friendly Innovation


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September shout-out for environment-friendly innovation goes to a fantastic product- USB chargeable batteries.

These are not ordinary batteries you get in the market. These are different from any standard AA batteries. You can use these batteries for years! How?

The batteries have 1000mah capacity, whereas regular batteries come up with 350 mah capacity. You can charge these batteries 1000 times. That means you can use them 2X times more than the usual batteries.

How do USB Chargeable Batteries Help the Environment?

  • They are reusable
  • It can be recycled
  • Reduces plastic waste

You can purchase these batteries in India and the US as well.

Support and promote environment-friendly innovations and products. Save the earth, save the environment.

EnthuZiastic Impact

1. Learner’s Feedback

  • “With Enthu public speaking classes, Divyansh has developed confidence, and now he can give speech fearlessly. Very happy to see him improving.”
  • “I recommend afterschool classes with Enthu. Sonia has been learning guitar, and she has improved a lot. The teacher teaches with a step-by-step guide so the learner can understand each technique. Very happy with the positive outcome.”
  • “Harry loves Enthu piano lessons. The teacher is very caring and teaches patiently. Harry really enjoys the sessions. He has already learned a few songs, and we feel happy to see him playing and enjoying every tune.”
  • Artificial intelligence lessons are fantastic. Ayaan has built an interest in learning the techniques. We are glad to have a platform like EnthuZiastic, where subjects like AI are being taught in an understandable and accessible way.”
  • “I always wanted to continue with my hobby of hand knitting and grateful to have found EnthuZiastic. Here I got to learn advanced knowledge like knitting tools, own pattern making, and much more. Overall, pleased with the teaching.”
  • “The online sessions do not feel so online. I have completed my first level of hand embroidery and now enrolled for the second level. Very satisfied with their teaching and patience.”

2. Teacher’s Feedback

  • “I have been associated with Enthu for a year and enjoyed every bit of it. I love the Enthu community and the healthy work environment. Grateful to be working here.”
  • “Singing is my passion, and sharing my knowledge with aspiring singers is bliss. The technical team at Enthu is supportive and makes online teaching easier. Happy to be working with such a nurturing community.”
  • “I feel delighted to be working with EnthuZiastic. I learn new things from the other teachers and the Enthu team. Looking forward to continuing this companionship.”
  • “Student’s active participation is the essential thing for a teacher. I enjoy interactive sessions with students. Thanks to the EnthuZiastic team for giving me an opportunity to share my learnings.”

Courses at EnthuZiastic

Every month we launch new courses considering the demand and need. The motive behind introducing different courses is that learners get more options and opportunities to acquire new skills.

1. Newly Launched Courses

Start learning a long-lost hobby, prepare for competitive exams, upskill yourself for better career prospects, or give holistic development to your child. EnthuZiastic offers a variety of courses across all verticals.

Some of the courses launched in September:

Visit enthu.com to know more about 200+ courses we currently host. Just in case, your favorite subject is not in our list, let us know through the Request a class button. 

The Enthu team will find the best teacher for you.

2. Afterschool Classes

Participating in afterschool activities benefits kids in multiple ways. They get to explore different talents and interests. It boosts their enthusiasm and creativity.

Intending to encourage and enhance their innovative thinking, EnthuZiastic delivers a bunch of afterschool classes:

3. Best Selling Courses

Our 5 top courses of September:

Enthu Celebrations

birthday celebration

Enthu celebrates all the possible occasions. Celebrating and getting together is so much fun. We had 3 birthdays to celebrate this month!

This month was a little extra special for us as it was the birthday of Pratik Khadloya, CEO, co-founder, EnthuZiastic. Understandably, we were more excited than ever. The Enthu team threw a surprise birthday party for him. The entire Enthu community gathered together, played some exciting fun games, had musical jamming, and enjoyed the quality time.

happy hours at enthuziastic

Festivals in October

Festivals are occasions to meet your loved ones and celebrate happiness together. Moreover, they are stress busters where you relax your mind and enjoy the moments.



Diwali is one of the most auspicious Indian festivals, now popularly celebrated across various regions regardless of culture. Diwali is known as “a festival of lights” because it denotes light over darkness. People meet, share sweets, light candles, and enjoy.

On Diwali, most Hindus worship Goddess Lakshmi as she is the Goddess of prosperity and wealth.

Diwali influences history. In Ramayana, Ayodhya illuminated lamps and candles, popularly known as diyaas, when Lord Ram saved Sita and came to Ayodhya by conquering Lanka.

On Diwali, people decorate their homes, unite, and spread happiness. Here, make your Diwali more memorable with the following resources:



Fun fact – The giant pumpkin in the world weighed 2702 lb!

Halloween is a festival celebrated in countries like the United States, Ireland, and Canada. However, you will find Indian people and other countries happily celebrating Halloween.

Halloween is the sainted evening celebrated as a tribute to the saints. Interestingly, Halloween has been celebrated for 2000 years!

Every year it is celebrated on 31st October with the belief that the spirits visit the living world. People, especially kids, dress up in spooky costumes like a witch, spiders, zombies, devils, pirates, and many more. They carve pumpkins and lighten them.

On Halloween, people visit the church, lighten candles, and enjoy horror movies.

Upcoming Contests

Contests push us to do better and give us a platform to showcase our talent. Join one of these contests to enjoy and upskill.

1. Enthu Music Contest

enthu music contest

We invite you to celebrate the festive month with EnthuZiastic. Join Enthu Music Contest to showcase your musical skills and win exciting prizes.

Categories for the music contest:

  1. Instrument playing
  2. Hindustani vocal
  3. Carnatic vocal
  4. Western vocal

Besides that, there are various surprises and discounts for you. So, grab this opportunity.

Enroll in Enthu Music Contest

2. Enthu Math Contest

enthu math contest

Join our Math Contest to make learning fun. Explore mathematics with quizzes. The kids will get to know how good they are at math and how they can improve and get better at it.

The contest will be driven by Ms. Gurpreet with over 7 years of teaching experience. Enroll now to make your child math-confident.

Enroll in Enthu Math Contest

Wrapping it Up

As always, we cannot end without saying thanks to you, dear readers, for being with us in our journey.

We are committed to bringing affordable, quality learning to you.

Have a great October, enjoy the festivals with your family and friends. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones!

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