Chess Newsletter- November

November Chess Updates

November is about being hopeful of a beginning. It’s cheerful and colorful, especially with blooming chrysanthemums, tulips, and dahlias.

In a similar spirit, let’s investigate what’s happening in the chess world in November. I have tons to tell you, from the Senior Championship to World Rapid and Blitz Championship.

I know you want to know all about it. Let’s waste no time and directly dive into the events.

China Wins Men’s World Team Chess Championship 2022

In our previous issue, I talked about the Men’s World Team Chess Championship 2022.

Can you guess who won the championship?

Yes, you are correct! Its China!

China secured this position after beating Uzbekistan, the reigning Chess Olympiad Champion, on Nov 26. With a 2.5-1.5, China remains undefeated, winning this title third time in a row after taking gold in 2015 and 2017.

Li Di against Oritik Nigmatov, with their Nizmo-Indian Defense, was the most finger-chewing moment of the championship.

Pool B of the FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament Kicks Off at Khiva

In the last issue, I predicted a fierce playoff between GM Anna Muzychuk and GM Lei Tingjie. Against Tingjie’s Sicilian Defense, Muzychuk chose a modern way of playing involving a quick trade of Queens. After 4 matches, Tingjie stood as the champion of Pool A.

The Pool B participants (Kateryna Lagno, Aleksandra Goryachkina, Tan Zhongyi, and Alexandra Kosteniuk) kicked off their match in the walled city of Khiva- a remote desert oasis on the Silk Road in Uzbekistan on Nov 29.

Tan Zhongyi Vs. Kateryna Lagno

Did you know that Tan Zhongyi and Kateryna Lagno had faced each other in the Astana Women’s Grand Prix?

Lagno had won that face off in the month of September.

However, in the FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament, Zhongyi and Lagno agreed upon a draw even after Zhongyi went for the Exchange Variation of the Queen’s Gambit and Lagno imitated World Champion Magnus Carlsen‘s recent moves.

Alexsandra Goryachkina Vs Alexandra Kosteniuk

Did you know that Alexandra Kosteniuk defeated Alexsandra Goryachkina in the 2021 World Cup finals?

In their first match in FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament, Goryachkina defended with the Berlin variation, a Ruy Lopez move. Even though Goryachkina missed an essential move in her middlegame, as per computer synthesis, Kosteniuk expressed that she was not happy with her performance.

The winner from Pool B will compete against GM Lei Tingjie for the championship title in 2023.

FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship

Eminent chess players worldwide will compete against each other from the 25th to 31st of December in Almaty, Kazakhstan, for the World Rapid and Blitz Champion title and $ 1,000,000 prize fund.

Simply put, the World Rapid and Blitz Chess Championship is an annual event where Rapid Chess and Blitz Chess are clubbed together. Both chess match types have rapid time controls where the players are given less time to consider their moves than in regular tournaments.

Following is the tournament schedule:

Date Competition
25th December Opening Ceremony
26th to 28th December Rapid Competitions
29th to 30th December Blitz Competitions and Closing Ceremony

Registration is open now. Checkout the eligibility criteria before registering for the game.

FIDE World Senior Chess Championship 2022

The World Senior Chess Championship was held in Assisi, Italy, from the 14th to the 27th of November. The primary target was to organize this championship as a way to spread the tradition of hospitality.

The winners in the 4 categories are:

Category Winner
50+ Open Category GM Zurab Sturua
65+ Open Category GM John Nunn
65+ Women Category GM Nona Gaprindashvili
50+ Women Category WGM Elvira Berend

Speed Chess Championship

Speed Chess Championship is‘s most coveted speed chess event, where major chess players worldwide compete for the title of Speed Chess Champion and a $ 100,000 prize fund.

This most-awaited internet chess championship started on November 21 and will conclude on December 16.

Let us look at the matches that have taken place one by one.

Fabiano Caruana Vs. Arjun Erigaisi

GM Fabiano Caruana was the first player to progress in the Speed Chess Championship to the quarterfinals on Nov 23 after defeating GM Arjun Erigaisi.

Nail-biting! That’s exactly how I would define this game in one line.

Erigaisi started strong with a decisive lead, but the 2022 U.S. Champion, Fabiano Caruana, gained momentum to defeat his fierce opponent with a 14.5-12.5.

Ding Liren Vs. Alexander Grischuk

This tight tussle between two GMs, Ding Liren and Alexander Grischuk, took place on Nov 27, with Liren bagging his win to the quarterfinals with a 14-12. This Chinese superstar sealed his quarterfinal placement after sacrificing his Queen, even though Grischuk proved to be a worthy competitor.

Ian Nepomniachtchi Vs. Maxine Vachier-Lagrave

GM Maxine Vachier-Lagrave won by the most significant margin in the Speed Chess Championship 2022 with 19.5-11.5. This landslide win against GM Ian Nepomniachtchi on Nov 28 promoted him to the quarterfinals.

I have to admit that Nepomniachtchi showed exemplary and informed moves against the 2021 FIDE World Rapid and Blitz Champion’s King’s Indian Defense. Even though Nepomniachtchi tried every trick in the book, he got trapped in Vachier-Lagrave’s Abbazia Defense, resulting in the latter winning the match.

Levon Aronian Vs. Dmitry Andreikin

GM Levon Aronian defeated GM Dmitry Andreikin in an electrifying duel on Nov 30. Thanks to these two exceptional grandmasters, chess enthusiasts were able to witness a sensational finale.

Aronian’s profound understanding of his position and tendency to draw out blood with his quick time control led Andreikin to lose several opportunities that could have benefited him.

Do you intend to catch up with the remaining games? Checkout the schedule below:

Date Time (PT) Match
Dec 6 8:00 A.M Magnus Carlsen Vs. Gukesh D
Dec 7 8:00 A.M Nihal Sarin Vs. Anish Giri
Dec 8 6:00 A.M Wesley So Vs. Nodirbek Abdusattorov
Dec 8 10:00 A.M Hikaru Nakamura Vs. David Paravyan

If you are interested in watching the Speed Chess Championship live, check out’s YouTube channel. Don’t worry if you miss out. I will be back with the updates in our next issue.

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Singing Off

The Chess world is an ever-happening place. It is no wonder that it attracts such crowds as you and I.

I will be back with another issue next month.

Until then, stay tuned.

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