How Much Does it Cost to Tune a Piano? 

how much does it cost to tune a piano
***It costs around $50 to $250 to tune a piano.

Have you ever had a snake plant at home?

If you keep the sun-sensitive snake plant near a sun-facing window, the leaves burn, and the plant eventually dies. In a similar way, a piano is more likely to go out of tune because of rapid changes in temperature and humidity.

From the temperature of the surroundings to the pianist’s playing style, a piano can be out of tune for many reasons. Therefore, as a piano practitioner/beginner, you must know how much does it cost to tune a piano.

What is Piano Tuning?

It is the process of adjusting the tension of the piano’s strings.

Due to the change in tension, piano tuning also affects the pitch by slightly shifting the tuning pins to which they’re attached.

As a result, each string sounds in harmony with other strings on the piano, making it sound melodious. In a tuned piano, each note follows a certain standardized, designated frequency and wavelength.

Learning how to play the instrument will not be enough. Therefore, checkout the below video to learn how piano tuners tune a piano.

How much does it Cost to Tune a Piano?

Dear readers, I want to be honest with you. The cost of piano tuning is as royal as the history of piano. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why many people are shifting to playing digital pianos and keyboards rather than acoustic pianos.

The cost of tuning a piano varies depending on the type, age, conditions, and location of the piano. And obviously what you want to get fixed additionally.

Let’s get through all the points one by one.

Piano Tuning Price for Different Types of Piano

The average cost of tuning a grand piano ranges from $100 to $350, depending on its type. Tuning a piano is starkly different from tuning any other musical instrument, for example, a keyboard or Arpeggio Piano.

Piano Type

The Cost of Piano Tuning
Baby Grand Piano $100 to $150
Medium Grand Piano $120 to $200
Concert Grand Piano $150 to $350
Spinet Upright Piano $50 to $120
Console Upright Piano $80 to $150
Studio Upright Piano $100 to $180
Full-size/Professional Upright Piano

$120 to $200

Remember, the price we researched is based in New York City. It may vary in your city/country. Also, sometimes, piano tuners charge extra fees for travel and parking.

tuning a piano - Verne Edquist
Verne Edquist (Picture Credits: nytimes)

Piano Tuning Cost Based on Additional Repairs

Consider piano tuning as a routine servicing of the instrument since it helps with the chord progression. Therefore, while tuning the piano, tuners might also find other necessary repairments. Here’s a list of common piano repairs that people do, along with piano tuning and the average cost.



The Cost of Piano Tuning
Tuning + Pitch Raising $100 to $400
Tuning + Climate Control System Installation $300 to $700
Tuning + Installing Covers $200 to $400
Tuning + Voicing $300 to $450

1. The cost of piano tuning + pitch raising is $100 to $400

A pitch raise or pitch correction is nothing but a complex method of tuning. When a piano isn’t tuned for a more extended period, it requires a pitch raise to fall back into tune.

During regular piano tuning, a piano tuner works on small incremental changes. But in pitch raising, the tuner adds an enormous level of tension to the strings.

So, when a piano requires pitch raising, tuners charge almost double the amount they charge for regular tuning.

Therefore, if your local piano tuner charges $50 per hour for piano tuning, they will charge around $70 to $100 per hour for piano raising.

If you’re also curious like me about how do piano tuners do pitch raising, the checkout this YouTube video.

2. The cost of piano tuning + climate control system installation is $300 to $700

Many pianos go out of tune because of the change in weather. In fact, winter dryness is as harmful as summer humidity to a piano’s health.

Therefore, people install a climate control system for a better-tuned piano.

It will cost $300 to $500 to tune a piano and install a climate control system for upright pianos.

In the case of grand pianos, the cost is around $500 to $800 dollars. The tuners will take care of tuning the piano as well as installing the system.

Watch the below video, if you want to know how a dehumidifier is installed.

3. The cost of piano tuning + installing covers is $200 to $400

If you wish to tune the piano and install it under covers, a tuner will charge around $200 to $250.

However, if you wish to install a string cover, the price is high. It’s around $250 to $400.

4. The cost of piano tuning + voicing is $300 to $450

Sometimes, to produce a warmer or brighter tone, piano tuners adjust the density of the felts covering the hammers and striking the string. This process is known as piano voicing.

The average cost of piano tuning and voicing is around $300 to $450.

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Piano Tuning Cost Based on Piano-Tuners’ Experience

Just like a doctor who studied at Harvard Medical School is likely to charge more than the local doctor, piano tuners’ fees also vary with experience and merit.

There are four primary divisions for people who can tune a piano.


The Cost of Piano Tuning
Local Budget Piano Tuner $40 to $100
Certified Piano Tuners $120 to $300
Instrument Technicians $300 to $350
Instrument Repair Technician $60 to $300

1. Local budget piano tuners

Most local piano tuners charge fees hour-wise. The price ranges from $40 to $100 per hour.

If you have a spinet or a console piano, you can hire a local piano tuner. Most of them are uncertified and have learned the skill while working in a piano factory or a store.

For beginner pianists, I recommend local budget piano tuners. They’re pocket-friendly and accessible.

While some of them are super skilled in their jobs, some of them also rush through the process to avoid hours of work.

If you find it challenging to track down the local piano tuners, you can check out the Tuning and Repair, Artisan Pianos,, and Raymond Strauss Piano Tuning & Repair.

Philip Riley at Tuning and Repair
Philip Riley at Tuning and Repair


2. Piano tuners certified by Piano Technicians Guild

Piano tuners certified by the Piano Technicians Guild charge around $120 to $200 to tune a baby grand and a medium grand piano.

They charge $150 to $300 to tune concert pianos and a full-size upright piano.

Why hire certified piano technicians?

If you need to tune baby grand, medium grand, or concert grand, I highly recommend hiring certified piano tuners, especially if you play in concerts on a regular basis.  

Most tuners learn through apprenticeship under experienced tuners. But the certified piano tuners go through professional training to receive certification from the Piano Technicians Guild.

Besides being experienced, they’re also educated about the complex engineering of pianos through practical work and written exams.

Therefore, if you have a grand piano or a professional upright piano, please hire a certified piano tuner.

3. Instrument tech/concert tech

Piano tuners, who’re called instrument techs or concert technicians, charge around $300 or $350. However, mostly they aren’t available for hire.

Concert technicians are piano tuners who travel with popular bands or touring pianists from one concert to another.

Most instrument techs work with pianists/bands over the course of a long time. Sometimes, they also work as a tour manager or crew chief. Therefore they’re mostly unavailable for hire.

4. Instrument repair technician

Piano tuners, who’re called instrument repair technicians, charge from $60 to $300. The vast variation in the price is because they come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Some of them have learned piano tuning from the knowledge of piano repairing/engineering that has run down through generations.

piano tuner - cost of tuning a piano
Piano Tuner in Kolkata

Some of them learn through years of experience. Their fees are if not more than $300 but not less.

Such tuners work for famous pianists or piano manufacturers such as Steinway & Sons. For instance, Piano tuner Ulrich Gerhartz tunes piano for pianists like Lang Lang and Mitsuko Uchida.

Ulrich Gerhartz - tuning a piano
Ulrich Gerhartz (Picture Credits:

On the contrary, most instrument repair technicians take up piano tuning as a freelancing job. They are either aspiring to become professional piano tuners or pianists. Such piano tuners work in piano stores and charge $60 to $150.

Why Should You Tune Your Piano?

  • You should tune your piano to keep the tension in the strings intact and play in the correct pitch.
  • Regular tuning helps to diagnose any early signs of damage in the soundboard or action. Hence, it literally saves the piano from deteriorating in the long run.
  • You should tune the piano after every physical movement to inspect any damage to the structural integrity of the piano.
  • A piano practitioner must tune their piano regularly to avoid excessive flat or sharp notes due to temperature and humidity changes.
  • Always tune the piano after shifting it to a new environment.

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Is there any difference between professional and home tuning?

There can be a lot of differences between professional and home tuning. For instance, if you play regularly in various concerts, professional tuning may be a better option. It’s because the professionals will use tools and equipment that are specifically designed to diagnose and fix your piano.

On the other hand, if you play the piano occasionally at home, then home tuning may be a better option. Any local piano tuner can do it with essential tools and equipment.

My piano is out of tune. Should I buy my piano a new one?

It’s not necessary to buy another piano if your current piano is out of tune. It’s always a good idea to hire a piano tuner to tune it back to normal. If it keeps getting out of tune frequently, you can ask the tuner to raise the pitch. Don’t forget to ask the tuner to check if there’s any need for additional work.

What is the correct tuning for a piano?

Most pianos are tuned to a pitch standard of A440 pitch. It was adopted in the early 20th century to invalidate varying pitch standards. Since then, an A440 has been the standard pitch for tuning a piano correctly.

How do you know when your piano is out of tune?

In a correctly tuned piano, the strings always vibrate at the same rate to play a single note. However, an out-of-tune piano has a wearing sound while playing it. It makes an unpleasant sound by distorting the note.

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A piano tuner is the best friend every pianist needs. Even world-class pianists tune their pianos from time to time. Therefore, if you’re new to playing the piano, find your best friend.

Research your locality; look if there’s any talented local piano tuner. Please go through the price chart I’ve provided above and try to talk about the necessary fixes and the fees before hiring a piano tuner for your piano.

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