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December newsletter

Let me start this New Year by wishing our Dear Subscribers our warmest wishes, peace and love!

However, are you thinking about making your 2023 more impressive than this year?

I have a suggestion for you. Mindfulness!

I will talk all about mindfulness. In the meantime, let’s take a joyful ride on the December train at EnthuZiastic!

EnthuZiastic Family: The Initiation

Dear students and parents, do you know how EnthuZiastic developed from a vision to reality?

Today, I will tell you how.

Meet Mrs. Vinti Maheshwari, the COO of EnthuZiastic, a Delhite who later shifted to the States. Once in the U.S.A, she realized the need for people to communicate, especially during the time of the pandemic. Therefore, she created a small community where people could get together and talk their hearts out.

On one fine day, someone tells her about the unavailability of quality and affordable classes. Well, there has been no looking back since then.

She, and Mr. Pratik Khadloya, initiated EnthuZiastic with the vision of “Vasudhaiava Kutumbakam,” a profound Sanskrit word that means “The World Is My Family.” And this family has been growing ever since.

Since its inception, EnthuZiastic has employed more than 1000 teachers from India, U.S.A, and Canada. At the same time, EnthuZiastic adds 50 courses to its list every year, which has culminated in 3000 as of now.

December Art Workshop

EnthuZiastic ends every year with its traditional Christmas Art and Craft Camp, where our dear students from all over the globe assimilate to do their creative caps and make a piece of marvel.

art workshop

It is astonishing to see such little kids create something so astounding!

The participants managed to create fantastic Christmas art, and everybody’s favorite was the north pole resident, Santa Claus.

The kids interacted with each other virtually and showed off the art they are so proud of.

10 Tips to Practice Mindfulness

Have you ever questioned what it really means to be in the moment? Aren’t we all here in this moment together?

Physically, sure, but for so many of us, we are only 10% present now. We actually exist only in our brains. Everyday, we live in a dream-like condition where we don’t truly feel anchored to our bodies or to the world around us.

Instead, we spend our time dwelling on the past, having second-guesses and concerns about the future, and passing judgement on the little things we do notice. We are figuratively losing out on the majority of our own lives, which leaves us feeling hollow and profoundly uneasy.

The good news is that you can develop your ability to be attentive and present.

Here are some simple ways to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

  • Take note of your breathing
  • Embark on a natural stroll
  • Throughout the day, take brief breaks
  • Try not to multitask too much
  • Maintain a journal
  • Begin with a purpose
  • Savor every bite
  • Brain Rewiring
  • Engage Your Muscles and Your Mind
  • Drive yourself sanely, not irrationally

EnthuZiastic Impact

EnthuZiastic has a vision, that is, to impart knowledge firmly and fairly. And this vision is achievable only through a valuable exchange between the gurus and the shishyas.

At the same time, we understand the value of feedback, without which it would have been impossible for us to grow and improve.

Therefore, let’s see what our teachers and students think about EnthuZiastic.

Learner’s Feedback

“The main purpose of my life was to get a lucrative job. But most of them demand coding as a pre-requisite. Coming from a humanities background, I could only do coding after meeting my teacher at EnthuZiastic. Thanks to them, now I am well-equipped with Python and have joined a company as a data scientist.”
“I wanted to learn Spanish because of my exchange program due last semester. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a crash course to help me learn Spanish quickly. Then EnthuZiastic came to my rescue, and I learned some beginner-level Spanish within a month to sustain myself in a foreign land.”
“I kept applying for the position of personal secretary at various organizations but was rejected because of my poor e-mail writing. Next, I got to know about EnthuZiastic’s course on e-mail etiquette. I enrolled, and this course proved a stepping stone for my career.”
“I am a trained Hindustani singer but lost touch with my talent because I got married and had to raise a family. But now that my kids are all grownup, I wanted to get in touch with my lost passion. My daughter learned about EnthuZiastic from one of her classmates who have studied Hindustani vocal from one of their teachers and suggested I enroll in their class. Now, there’s no looking back, and I enjoy every class I partake in.”

Teacher’s Feedback

“I love all of my students at EnthuZiastic. They are curious, capable, and intelligent young gentlemen and ladies. Glad to be a part of this teaching community.”
“EnthuZiastic’s teachers’ support team has always helped me with framing the curriculum and getting extra material for my teaching whenever necessary.”
“I remember my first day at EnthuZiastic as a teacher. I was apprehensive. But I was welcomed so warmly and felt at home instantly.”

Courses at EnthuZiastic

We are proud to announce that courses at EnthuZiastic are ever-growing and ever-expanding, with newer additions every month.

Let’s look at our bestselling courses of this month:

Foreign Language classes like Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin

Technical classes such as Python, Java

Vocational Classes such as Content Writing, Digital Marketing

Classes for Kids like Public Speaking, Calligraphy

Environmental-Friendly Impact

I am sure you have heard about plastic plates. But have you heard of containers that are made entirely of leaves?

No, I am not talking about the leaf plates used in the 18th century but the ones manufactured in the factory in 2022!

Well, Telangana’s Venugopal and Madhavi have made such an invention where they make plates and cutleries out of leaves. “How do they do it?” you ask.

Well, firstly, they sun-dry the leaves and stitch them with bamboo threads. This helps to make them stronger and sturdier. After sewing them, the leaves are pasted with food-grade gum. Eventually, the plates are passed under a heat press.

These steps might seem long and laborious, but implementing them makes these plates leak-free and biodegradable.

Heroes Who Don’t Wear A Cape

Did you know that a station master from Indore helped 3000 kids from Indian slums to secure a government job?

For our December issue, we have brought you the inspiring story of Mr. Raju Saini, who has been employed as the station master in Indore for the last 20 years.

Mr. Saini initiated the Chanakya Institute in Indore to fulfill his dream of educating marginalized children from the corners of society. Without his guidance, these children could have easily taken up a life of crime. But, under his tutelage, these children received an opportunity to educate themselves and secure a government job.

Saini had led a similar life of struggle and poverty. Thanks to his resilience and resolution, he secured a government position. But his experience taught him one thing: the importance of education.

Therefore, he started with only 10 to 20 students, teaching them inside Nehru Park. These students were none other than vendors and house-helpers. His student, Ajay Dharwal, was the first one to secure a job as an express guard. In the later years, several other students managed to secure the position of Bank Manager, TTE, and many more.

We, the team of EnthuZiastic, salute and appreciate Mr. Raju Saini’s and his teachers’ efforts.

New Year Riddles for Kids

New Year can be as enjoyable for kids as for adults. Yes, they don’t go out to a party, but riddles can be fun too!

Is it not best to kickoff the New Year with mental stimulation?

Here are some riddles on New Year theme for your kids! You can try solving them as well!

Riddles for your little one

  • It is a cracker that cannot be eaten. What is it?
  • It has a neck but no head. What is it?
  • You need a crowd to throw me. What am I?
  • What is it that we can’t see, but it is in front of us?
  • What goes up and never comes back?

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Wrapping It Up

As this year ends, we hope to be an integral part of your life as we have been till now.

We, the EnthuZiastic family, look forward to telling you how it has been for us each month. Collectivly, we feel closer to our readers and students. At the same time, we will be delighted to hear how your December was. So, remember to comment.

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